Sequera v1.6
by Juno Ju-X
(Juno Ju-X Website)
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OSX 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

Last Updated: 2013-05-23
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Software Description

Sequera is a software that approaches MIDI sequencing in a unique way.

It focuses on flexibility and creating experimental music. You can utilize its unique interface to create MIDI compositions, giving you a fresh approach at making music.


  • Concentrated, 8 track by 16 step grid (up to 32 steps).
  • Super fast note composition, erasing and switching.
  • Pitch transpose.
  • Mechanical LED-look ruler.s
  • Note positional randomization.
  • Another randomization feature for notes on the 8th track.
  • Completely selectable steps to be looped.
  • Mute for each step and track individually.
  • “Groove Pallet” handles note duration, velocity and timing of notes all in one place. Each element can be looped in different cycles.
  • Selectable Midi note number and pitch-bend for each track as well as Midi channel. This combination utilizes micro-tuning too.
  • “CC Mode” that sequences Midi-cc commands neatly.
  • Memory function for note, duration, velocity and timing individually. Also Save function files those memory contents as two Single Files.
  • Syncs via Midi beat clock with other devices and the timing lag follows to it.
  • All works can be done on the single main window.
  • Sensibly built for highest preciseness and accuracy even while optimized for realtime performance.

Sequera behaves like a hardware sequencer, it lets you create Midi sequences quick. Instead of making up an entire song, it specializes in playing one instrument or short length composition with many different approaches. You can use this app to find a unique melody, chord progression, experimental grooves, or even craete your own impressive to comprehensive sound designs. With this app your imagination is the limit

Changes in v1.6

  • 4 times more tracks
  • Twice the number of steps
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