Sonata v1.3
by Ricardo Bertani and Loer Matos
(Ricardo Bertani and Loer Matos Website)
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Android 1.5 and up

Last Updated: 2013-09-30
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Software Description

Which musician never wanted have the piano score of his favorite song ? Besides that, have you ever thought how would be this song if was played in a different way ?
Sonata is a musical software that allows create piano scores from midi files and generate differente versions of them using musical reharmonization. If you want you can still to export your piano scores as MIDI or PDF.

Main features

  • The software is available in 2 languages (English and Portuguese-Brazil )
  • The software comes with some midi files, so you can test our software even if you don't have still a midi file in your device
  • Conversion of midi files in piano scores
  • The software will try to remove notes played by other instruments like drums, oboe and percussion, for instance.
  • Different versions of piano score can be generated using reharmonization techniques
  • The piano scores can be exported in MIDI or PDF
  • You can visualize the original and reharmonized piano scores
  • It's possible reproduce the songs using a player included in the software
  • Useful options can be accessed through menu of android device

Changes in v1.3

  • Fix for mifi file bug
  • Fix for title of piano score pdf export bug
  • New layout to reharmonization results screen
  • Minor fixes in the midi files reading system
  • Some adjusts in layout
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