by Brad Pitzel

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Linux, A soundcard with digital sample playback, and voxware 2.9 or greater (voxware is the kernel sound drivers) Do a 'cat /dev/sndstat' to see what version you have.

Last Updated: 1994-09-21
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

A simple library to allow several sound samples to be played simultaneously, each starting and stopping at different times. Includes 'rapping linus' :-).

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what?? can you think about listening to mp3 and talking on skype

then, you load the samples into de library before you start it? what's the big deal? ok, you can do a virtual drum or keyboard or whatever... but that's not how you describe it so people are getting furious here.

shity program no doult


sound effects

I want to record my own sound for web sites. How do Ido it? What equipment do I need? Yhanks in advance for any info you can give me,Tom

SoundIt library

this sucks. can't i just play a file without any vga_getkey stuff ? it looks like.
hope i'm wrong. tell me

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