spwave 0.6.0-1
by Hideki Banno
(Hideki Banno Website)

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File Size: 101K
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Last Updated: 2001-01-05
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Software Description

spwave is a speech file editor supporting several sound formats. The program is designed for research use, so stability and usability are regarded as important. spwave runs on UNIX (or UNIX clone), Windows95/98 and MacOS, since spwave uses spComponent library which is a GUI toolkit working on multiple platforms.


  • Support for multiple platforms: Windows, MacOS and UNIX (Motif, GTK)
  • Support for WAV, AIFF, MP3, raw, and text files by using plug-ins
  • Support for many bits/samples: 8bits, 16bits, 24bits, 32bits, 32bits float, 64bits double
  • Converting the sampling frequency and the bits/sample of a file
  • Playing, zooming, cropping, deleting, extracting, etc. of a selected region
  • Fade-in, fade-out, gain adjustment, channel swapping, etc of a selected region
  • Editing file information that supports comments of WAV and AIFF, and ID3 tag of MP3
  • Analysis of a selected region using several analysis types, e.g. spectrum, smoothed spectrum, phase, unwrapped phase and group delay
  • Undoing and redoing without limitation of the number of times
  • Waveform extraction by drag & drop
  • Opening files by drag & drop
  • Autosaving of selected regions (you can do this by drag & drop also)
  • Saving positions and regions as labels
  • Viewing some waveforms and setting regions synchronously
  • Almost all processing is 64 bits processing internally
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