ultraFX 1.1
by Wave Mechanics, Inc.
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File Size: 32.4 MB
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These versions work and sound just like the real deal, but are only valid for 15 days. Purchase for $399.

System Requirements:

Works in Mac OS 9 for Pro-Tools LE and TDM systems. Supports RTAS, HTDM and AudioSuite

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Software Description

It’s one thing to make a plug-in look like classic hardware - it’s another to make it SOUND that way--and BETTER. And that's exactly what we've done with UltraFX. UltraFX is the result of over three years of intense listening and painstaking design that pays homage to the classic gear you love. With killer sound, simple interfaces, and truly unique musical features like built-in MIDI tempo syncing and some very cool modulation options (including a drum-machine-like rhythmic modulation editor), the UltraFX plug-ins will transform the way you think about effects processing. With UltraFX and the screaming processors on your new G4 or G5, using rack-mount effects is, well, um, history.

On their own, FilterFreak, PhaseMistress, Crystallizer and Tremolator are each killer products. Together you've got the ultimate in drippy, sweepy, ooey-gooey analog sound processing. Designed to work together, the UltraFX plug-ins share a common library of factory and user created rhythm sequencer patterns, and LFO waveshapes. . Buy now into this amazing mini-bundle, and get preferred pricing on future SoundToys plug-ins. Plus, get the FREE update to TDM when it becomes available.

FilterFreak: Mind-blowing analog sound and superversatile modulation options make this a killer plug-in. Sounds so good you'll want to use it on EVERYTHING!

PhaseMistress: Finally, REAL phasing for the plug-in world. The fattest, creamiest, most versatile phaser ever.

Tremolator: Whoever thought volume control could be so cool? From vintage guitar tremolo to rhythmic auto-gating, this is the last word in tremolo.

Crystallizer: An insane reverse-pitch-echo processor inspired by a classic H3000 effect. When you need something COMPLETELY different.

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