vielklang v2.2.0
by zplane.development
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Operating System:
File Size: 31.4 MB
License Conditions:

Load/Save Project Data disabled, Audio and MIDI export not supported, Input audio file length restricted to 30s, Single-voice output not supported and non-realtime rendering (audio/MIDI) not allowed. Registration: US$149.00

System Requirements:

VSTi /AU/RTAS host application. Mac OSX 10.6.0 or higher

Last Updated: 2014-12-19
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

vielklang is a plug-in instrument for instant audio harmonization. vielklang generates up to four voices from a single-voiced audio input. The progression of each individual voice is controlled by sophisticated harmony progression and voice leading models, resulting in musically meaningful harmonization without any configuration effort.

With vielklang musicians can easily generate and prototype natural-sounding background vocals and brass sections, modify melodies and single-voiced loops in terms of pitch and scale, and experiment with various harmonizations or chords triggered by different MIDI-inputs. It allows the user to synthesize up to four voices, edit harmonies and single pitches, and convert audio to MIDI.

The four voices don't simply move in parallel, their individual progression is controlled by a complete set of voice leading rules and sophisticated harmony progression models. This musical intelligence and knowledge lets the user focus entirely on musical issues, rather than technical or theoretical ones. vielklang helps to achieve musically meaningful results without having to bother about root note, scale, tuning frequency, harmony progression and voice leading.

While vielklang provides instant and meaningful results, experienced users also have the option of changing harmonization parameters like the range (ambitus) or distribution of the voices, modifying root note and scale, editing single harmonies and changing individual pitches in each of the voices.


  • Instant 4-voice harmonization of any single-voiced audio input.
  • Integrated voice leading and harmony progression models, resulting in entirely natural-sounding automatic harmonization.
  • One-click modification of key scales and harmonies.
  • High quality, formant preserving, flexible pitch shifting.
  • Audio-to-MIDI functionality for all voices.
  • Customizable user interface.

Check out here for vielklang tutorials.

Changes in v2.2.0

  • AAX Support
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in v2.1.0

  • Bugfix for Cubase7 MAC crash
  • Bugfix for Multi output bug in Sonar
  • Bugfix for UI bug in Sonar
  • Bugfix for MIDI note off issue when jumping/looping
  • Re-engineered MIDI output

Updates in v2.0.9

  • Advanced pitch editing with direct tool access
  • Improved interface
  • Vibrato and tremolo generator
  • Hybrid view for score-like harmony visualization
  • MIDI harmonization
  • Multiple file harmonization
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