voxReducer II v1.0
by Primo Media
(Primo Media Website)

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Registration: US$14.95

System Requirements:

AU host application.

Last Updated: 2009-09-04
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Software Description

The VoxReducer II audio unit is designed to reduce the level of the main vocal track in a stereo music audio file. VoxReducer II includes four factory presets designed for different musical genres. These include Jazz, Light Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal. voxReducer II has been updated with a graphical user interface for easily targeting and reducing the vocal frequencies.

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Seemed to work in reverse

Oh I found it (You need to double click your track then click the DETAILS arrow at the bottom right of the effects panel. Now click on AU Units.
But, it seemed to enhance the vocals more than it removed them at least in the song I tried which was Rehab by Rihanna.

I downloaded it but cant find the file to open the program

I downloaded this but I cant seem to find the program to open and use it, the only thing I have is the downloader file which I have done several times.

You need a host for this!

This is a plugin, not a stand alone, so you will need a host application such as the ones they mentioned on there site to run this AU Plugin. ie: Garage Band (3.0 or later recommended) , Sound Studio 3, Rax, Logic (7.2 or later), AU Lab, Audio Unit Hosting. Or one that suits you best. Then use the host program to run this and you should be good to go.

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