Wiimidi 0.7
by Roland Mas
(Roland Mas Website)

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Python modules packaged in Linux distributions

Last Updated: 2012-12-18
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Software Description

Wiimote is a software that turns Wiimote into full pledged MIDI controllers.

It transforms the signals coming from your typical Wiimote or controller and turns them into MIDI events. This means that you can play MIDI instruments using your Guitar Hero drumkit and other Wii controllers. You can also control stage effects like lighting and display by using your Wiimote buttons.

You can also control software based effects via a Wiimote, and this app also allows you to use your Wiimote as an alternative remote control for your media player.

The Wiimidi handles all the standard buttons on typical Wiimotes, and can also handle other controllers like the nunchuck (including the directional stick), Guitar Hero world tour drum controller (including the actual drum pads, the stick and the extra buttons) and the Guitar Hero guitar controller (colored frets, “touch” frets, strum bar, buttons, stick and the whammy bar). Even the classic controller is partially supported.


  • Handles all the standard buttons on a Wiimote.
  • Each event can be mapped to a specific MIDI signal
  • Buttons generate two separately-mappable events for press and release.
  • Drum pads are sensitive to the force of the hit, which is mapped to a MIDI velocity.
  • The MIDI event can differ based on the strength of the hit, which allows things like open/closed hi-hat sounds on the same pad.
  • Directional sticks can be used as an “analog” control (with values across the given range of the stick);
  • Directional sticks are also mapped to four virtual buttons that generate press/release events if that's enough.
  • Easy .ini-style configuration file.
  • Multiple configurations can be defined in the configuration file, and one chosen at runtime.
  • The configuration includes what MIDI device to send the events too.
  • A sample Hydrogen “song file” is provided, since it can be tricky to set up a kit appropriately in Hydrogen.
  • A sample script is also included, demonstrating how to run arbitrary commands on receiving MIDI events.
  • Free Software: licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.
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