wmaSnip v1.07
by Andy Bridle
(Andy Bridle Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 6.2 MB
License Conditions:

15 Day Trial. Registration: US$25.00

System Requirements:

Windows Media Player 9 or higher.

Last Updated: 2007-04-02
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

wmaSnip is an editor for Windows Media Audio files (wma). Editing is non-destructive, the audio content of the file cannot be changed, but you can annotate the file with markers defining sub-sections of tracks, known in wmaSnip as Segments. Segment definitions can be used as cue-points, allowing easy access to and playback of defined sections of audio. The audio content of segments can be sampled and saved in various formats


  • Handles Windows Media Audio (.wma) files, including files encrypted with Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. Also supports MPEG audio (.mp3) files, with some limitations.
  • Files accessible via your Windows Media Player Library catalogue.
  • Easily identify and mark specific sections of audio (segments).
  • Audio content of segments can be extracted and saved either as a direct copy of the compressed source data or by recording and saving in either .wma or .wav format.
  • Apply fade-in and fade-out to mask abrupt segment start and end.
  • Insert silence at beginning and end of segment recordings.
  • Easily extract individual songs from lengthy recordings (see screenshot).
  • Easily create audio "thumbnails" of tracks. Audio can be down-sampled while recording.
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