by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG

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File Size: 77.1 K
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System Requirements:

LINUX 1.2.13 or later, GCC 2.7.2, XFree86, LessTif/MOTIF

Last Updated: 1995-09-18
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

This is a LessTif (or MOTIF) X based CD audio control panel. Features include (1) Direct track selection buttons up to track 18, (2) spin buttons for tracks higher than 18, (3) a realtime track display window (track number, minutes and seconds played so far), (4) control buttons EJECT, STOP, PAUSE, << (fast back), >> (fast forward), and PLAY, (5) Track progress graphical indicator, (6) general CD info including audio and data tracks, (7) Volume control scroll bars (left + right), (8) error dialog box toggle (see package for more info on this feature). This control panel is small enough to keep on your desk top, is very functional and easy to use. The executable is only about 42kb in size (compiled for shared library use).

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