by Warren W. Gay VE3WWG

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File Size: 25.6 K
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System Requirements:

LINUX 1.2.13 or later, GCC 2.7.2, XFree86, LessTif/MOTIF

Last Updated: 1997-03-16
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

At last! An X based tool that fully exploits the full capabilities of your SoundBlaster-16 or SoundBlaster-32 card's mixer chip. This application uses LessTif to give it that cool MOTIF look and feel, and ease of use. Other sound cards should be supportable, if they use the CT1745 Mixer chip (only you know that for sure). The xltmix program provides all the slider controls for: Voice L+R, MIDI L+R, CD L+R, Line L+R, Mic, and Speaker; Master controls Volume L+R, Treble L+R, Bass L+R; Gain controls for recording L+R and Mixer Gain L+R; Output toggles (CD L+R, Line L+R, and Mic). Also included are the input recording sources (MIDI L+R, CD L+R, Line L+R, and Mic). Additionally, a master MUTE control is provided for those times when you have to take phone calls.

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