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Operating System:
File Size: 2.9 MB
License Conditions:

YOWnow is limited to 32 files per module, and can only be displayed on the primary monitor. There is no Recording or Robot features. Screensizes greater than 320 only last for 5 minutes.

System Requirements:

Min. 40 MB RAM, Apple PowerPC running System 8.5, QuickTime 4.0+, Quickdraw3D 1.6+

Last Updated: 2001-11-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

YOW* is a real-time Quicktime DJ application. Instead of 2 turntables or 2 cd players and a mixer, YOW* provides 4 interactive media modules. Cue up your tracks on a separate audio output with the Headphone Cue to get a precise start and beat. A unique, performance-oriented interface lets The DJ mix sound, vision, and stills with a Macintosh computer's mouse and keyboard. Load Quicktime files (almost ANY audio, video, flash, still image, text, or MIDI file file) into a module and play them back using YOW*'s innovative controls: Automatic audio fade-ins, fade-outs, automatic crossfades, interactive scratching/pitch, volume, loop and crossfade control, exceptionally fast file switching, and a bpm counter/beat matcher all work with smooth precision. You can also export playlists from SoundJam or ITunes and use YOW* to DJ the files!

It's also a Video Mixer. YOW* also serves as a powerful digital movie mixer and sampler. An impressive bank of image filters, mouse controlled feedback, and all the same playback controls you get with audio provide a visual artist with a powerful realtime video performance instrument. Crossfade, pixelate, sample, distort, colorize, and tweak movies, stills,, gif animations, and camera inputs to your hearts content. Decorate with the font and text of your choice with Grafitti. Sample and Loop or build scenes from cameras with the Memory Buffer. Each and every effect can be modulated with an LFO to provide an impressive level of visual expression.

YOW* FEELS better. The unique interface enables a mixmaster to assign the mouse to control multiple parameters without the clumsiness of "click-and-drag". This feature facilitates comfortable, gliding performance moves on a mouse, tablet, or trackball.

Full MIDI support allows you to enhance YOW* control with any MIDI controller. Note numbers, pitch shift, and MIDI controllers are easily assigned to any YOW* parameter (including video effects) with the unique MIDI setup control panels. Simply click on a parameter name, move a lever or send a MIDI note, click on the parameter again, and that's all. MIDI configurations can be saved for different devices and studio setups. YOW* can be controlled with Mac MIDI sequencers as well, using OMS (Opcode Midi System). With multiple MIDI controllers, multiple artists can collaborate on a single image!

Automatically crossfades audio and/or video from a media playlist. Simply build a playlist in the Robot from available media, or import one from SoundJam or Itunes, set a crossfade time, and join the dance floor, get a drink, or do some dishes. You can pause the Robot or change the crossfade duration at any time. You can also save Robot playlists for later use.

A complete set of Screen Controls allow you to adjust a projected image to your liking, change the size, display on separate monitors, and provide additional video display effects, such as color tinting and clipping. Press the "!" button for a visual surprise!

Record audio and video mixes to your harddisk with the Recorder will for future recycling, playback, or uploading to the web.

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capacity? performance

where can i buy this what is file capacity? built in eq?

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