Zero-X Seamless Looper v1.85
by Peter Segerdahl
(Peter Segerdahl Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.36 MB
License Conditions:

Limitations: No Save, SCSI Sample Dump Send (transmit); No info in Ruler or Status bar.Note: this demo cannot be upgraded to the full version.

System Requirements:

Any PC that run Win95/98/NT4x; 800x600 in 256 colors; 16-bit Microsoft sound system compatible sound card; For SCSI Sample Dump: 32-bit ASPI compatible SCSI card with 32-bit ASPI drivers installed. Adaptec is recommended; The more RAM the better

Last Updated: 2003-04-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Finally a powerful and easy to use program for setting up seamless sustain loops is available for PC owners. Setting up smooth seamless loops is now as easy as pressing a button.


  • Automatic Loop Searching tools
  • Semi-automatic Loop Searching tools
  • Destructive Loop Improvement tools
  • Manual Loop Searching tools
  • SCSI Sample Dump
  • Sample Editing & DSP
  • Modern 32-bit program and user interface

New in this version:

  • Set selection to loop
  • Remove DC, also available as an open setting
  • DSP Tools: Multi Filter: Lowpass / Bandpass / Highpass / Notch filters, all with resonance, Overdrive
  • Open .raw sample files (i.e. with no or unidentified header)
  • Preivew loop on/off and bypass in some dialogs
  • Improved pitch detection
  • Scroll sample using keyboard; Left/Right Fine - Shift+Right/Left Arrow keys, Left/Right Large - Shift+PageUp/Dn keys
  • Loop status (on/off) is supported in WAV files
  • Bugfixes

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Since the features are

Since the features are excellent, I would like to prefer the option for zero x seamless looper v1.85. Moreover, my system is also compatible to the new feature. Thanks for nice information.

I've been working with these

I've been working with these and getting excellent results. I think this is a powerful and easy to use program for setting up seamless sustain loops is available for PC owners. I would like to share the information with my friends in the profession.

Seamless Looper

I want to use this for a rain recording and to be perfectly seamless and infinite. Will this fill the bill? Thanks for your help!

Zero-X Seamless Looper

I use the Seamess Looper program regularly in processing samples for theater pipe organ synthesis. It is by far the most accurate and easiest to use looping program I have ever seen. I have even used it to create reiterating percussion samples from single stroke samples, i.e. marimba. I have also RE-processed samples that already contained loops, and found BETTER ones! This is a great audio tool, and I would recommend it to anyone who is involved in sampling and looping.

One thing, though, I still don't get how to do loops of piano, or anything else where the envelope rapidly tapers off.

get free loops here

<a href=""></a>


where can i obtain/buy this software i am resident in london

Re: purchase

: where can i obtain/buy this software i am resident in london

Sorry for the very late reply!!!
You are most welcome to order the software via our web site at It's sold by and they handle any kind of payments. You can place the order on-line or via, phone, fax, email or mail.

Peter Segerdahl

Re: purchase

Does it work with Fruity loops and or Acid..the sustain points.....

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