Top 50 Windows Music Software Titles

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Software TitleDescriptionLicenseReleased on:Powersort icon
Power CD+G Filter v1.0.16

Power CD+G Filter is a karaoke extension for Windows Media Player (plug-in).

SharewareSunday, June 3, 200720db


TrialMonday, December 26, 200520db
Glory Player 1.23


FreeMonday, June 6, 200540db
All Sound Recorder XP v2.30

Powerful recorder, editor and player.

SharewareThursday, August 10, 200645db
Mixman StudioPro v5.0

Remix and create music and develop your own DJ style.

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, October 21, 200345db
D15/2 v1.5

Stereo, vintage-style analogue drum synth module. [VST]

Demo | TrialThursday, October 8, 200945db
mgMono v0.2 Alpha

Stereo-to-Mono effect. [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, October 11, 200645db
Horizon v1.0

Combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, December 5, 200845db
Audiophiler v1.6.3

Music organizer - By music enthusiasts, for music enthusiasts.

SharewareTuesday, August 8, 200645db
MP3Info Shell Extension

View and edit all relevant information about an MP3 file and its ID3 tag

Freeware | FreeFriday, June 1, 200145db
4U AVI MPEG Converter v3.2.3

Convert video files from AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, QT to AVI, MPEG, DVD/VCD/SVCD, WMV, RM or MP3.

SharewareThursday, October 20, 200545db
Crayon Filter v1.0

A multi-band filter plug-in.

Freeware | FreeThursday, April 29, 200445db
Advanced CATaloguer Pro v2.6

Professional cataloging software.

SharewareFriday, November 25, 200545db
Vusic 2.5

Generates colorful animations in response to the beats of CD music

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, October 6, 200445db
AudioMagician v1.62

Extremely fast CD ripper and MP3 encoder

SharewareSunday, February 12, 200645db
Internet Radio Ripper v2.0

Download streaming songs of all genres from Internet radio stations.

SharewareFriday, October 17, 200345db
FlexiMusic Wave Editor Mar 2007

Audio wave editing, generate, edit, draw, record, add effects and more.

SharewareFriday, March 23, 200745db
Ease Audio Converter

Encode WAV to any compressed format. Decode any other format to WAV.

SharewareSaturday, March 8, 200845db
SmallQoo v1.0.2a

8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. [VST]

Freeware | FreeSaturday, January 27, 200745db
TUBEnhance 1.1.0

TUBEnhance is a dual band tube drive plugin. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, August 2, 201245db
ProtoPlasm v2.1

Pad & Texture Synthesizer. [VST]

Freeware | FreeThursday, May 3, 200745db
Tape Echo GS-201 v1.1.3

Simulation of a Japanese Tape Echo machine of the early seventies. [VST]

DemonstrationFriday, October 10, 200845db
NeoRetro v1.0

Synthesizer designed to create sound reminiscent of SID or 8-Bit Nintendo music. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, June 20, 200645db
TubeWiz v1.0

Video finishing & uploading tool, with anti-shake, blurring, captions, etc.

Demo | TrialMonday, June 22, 200945db
Electro-Gracie v1.0

Virtual synthesizer. [VST]

Free | DonationwareTuesday, April 1, 200845db
Kingdia CD Extractor v3.7.2

Converts digital audio tracks to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, VQF
and many more.

SharewareWednesday, February 17, 201045db
pitchfork v2.0

3 band pitch shifter / modulator. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, August 8, 200845db
Spotify v0.3.21

Spotify offers legal and free access to a huge library of music for users in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain. You need to create an account and download their streaming music player.

SharewareTuesday, October 13, 200945db
WinVorbis 1.53

Multi-file Vorbis Comment Editor/Ogg Encoder.

Freeware | FreeSunday, September 29, 200245db
Pling v1.0

Plucked string synth. [VST]

Freeware | FreeThursday, June 2, 200545db
CD to MP3 Ripper v5.20

Convert audio CD to MP3, WAV, WMA, VQF, OGG

SharewareSunday, February 12, 200645db
ViNOM v1.0

Synthesizer with a dual-VCO, LFO and a VCF with a 12/18/24 dB low-pass filter. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, July 10, 200945db
TAL-USEq v1.0.1

Especially designed after some tilt EQs from the 1970s, allows you to adjust the audio material without changing the character of a sound to much. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, March 20, 200945db
EasyRecorder v5.5

Record your favorite sound without losing quality.

SharewareFriday, March 16, 200745db
eMedia Guitar Method

Interactive/walkthrough demo.

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, November 1, 200145db

Multi-track sound editor.

Playa!TraX v1.0.0.14394

Control player with any input device. Bind
applications to playlists. Multiple Configurations.

SharewareThursday, August 19, 200445db
Intervallogic v1.0.5

Comprehensive ear-training software for musicians.

DemoTuesday, February 1, 200545db
Complete CD & DVD Writer 1.5

CD & DVD writing (burning) software.

SharewareTuesday, July 27, 200445db
StyleMorpher v2.4

Real-time tool for morphing the harmony, meter, and more of your MIDI song.

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, June 29, 200045db
123 CD Extractor v2.10

Make direct digital copies from audio CDs and save them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs

SharewareSaturday, November 12, 200545db
Grasshopper v1.0

Rhythmic Pattern Generator [VST]

Kazaa Booster 1.51

Increase Kazaa search and download speed.

FreeSaturday, June 4, 200545db
Uke 4 U

Multimedia Ukulele tutor.

Freeware | FreeThursday, July 1, 200445db
Super iPod Video Converter build 2006

Video to iPod converter software.

SharewareTuesday, January 25, 200545db
Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro v1.91

Real time stereo field analyzer with multiple views and MIDI/automation output capabilities. [VST/DX/RTAS]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, March 24, 201445db
Crazy Ivan (DOS box version)

100% certified mad audio thingie.

Freeware | FreeThursday, October 28, 200445db

VSTi synth Uses both sampling and synthesis to produce harsh sounds

SharewareFriday, August 1, 200345db
Replay Music v3.50

Turn streaming music into MP3s or CDs. Records, splits and auto-tags.

SharewareMonday, November 17, 200845db
Little Spacey v1.1.0

Delay effect, inspired by classic analogue 'bucket brigade' delays but with refinements only possible in the digital arena. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, September 9, 201345db