Top 50 Windows Music Software Titles

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Software TitleDescriptionLicenseReleased on:Powersort icon
Power CD+G Filter v1.0.16

Power CD+G Filter is a karaoke extension for Windows Media Player (plug-in).

SharewareSunday, June 3, 200720db


TrialMonday, December 26, 200520db
MUltraMaximizer v9.13

Multi-band limiter. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, December 1, 201525db
Blue Cat's Stereo Triple EQ v3.0

3 Band stereo semi-parametric equalizer. [VST/DX]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, April 14, 200830db
Vusic 2.5

Generates colorful animations in
response to the beats of CD music

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, October 7, 200430db
Bendometer P.S.

Harmonica software uses mic to learn how to play bends, and songs in tab format.

SharewareSunday, February 1, 200430db
SoundCDBox beta

Easily manage your AKAI sample library.

Freeware | FreeThursday, April 20, 200630db
Brilliance Pack v1.0.4

Emulations of the EMI RS127 and RS135 EQ units. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, July 31, 200830db
ValveTone '62 v1.31

Pays tribute to the EQs of yesterday; it's all about "silky sex appeal" and "incredibly thick tone". [VST/RTAS]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, July 16, 201230db
X-Poly v1.0

The concept of the X-Poly is based around two oscillators, each containing four special sub-oscillators spaced one octave apart. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, March 11, 201030db
aMS-ToolsPRO v1.0

Multi-band Mid-Side tool.[VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, March 6, 200930db
Jokosher 0.11.5

Simple yet powerful multi-track studio

FreeMonday, October 15, 201230db
Tube-Tech ME 1B v1.0.1

Emulation of the classic Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | TrialThursday, May 12, 201130db
Audio Impurities v1.0

Adds real noise-floor and good vinyl hiss.

Freeware | FreeWednesday, March 1, 200630db
Delta Space 0.11.0

Multi Dimension spatialiser [VST]

Freeware | FreeThursday, April 1, 200430db
Rhinoceros Polyphonic

Virtual polyphonic analog synthesizer.

SharewareTuesday, March 1, 200530db
Sanford ADSR Envelope v1.0

Faithful implementation of the classic ADSR envelope. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, August 13, 200930db
Alive Video Joiner

Join multiple video files into one large file in AVI, MPEG, WMV, or RM format.

SharewareThursday, August 18, 200530db
Endless Series 3.2

A unique synthesis and effect plugin based on the Shepard Tone auditory illusion. [VSTi]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, October 18, 201230db
MB MooDelay v1.5

Control delay time, feedback and wet/dry mix and the highpass frequency. [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, March 8, 200630db
Stereo Enhancer v1.0

Can be used for basic mono to stereo conversion. [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, February 20, 200830db
Blue Reeds v1.5

Recreation of a Wurli Reed electric piano based on reactive synthesis. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, February 9, 201030db
TubiLeSax Lite v1.88m

Saxophone Sampler Emulation.

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, January 9, 200430db
SmallQoo v1.0.2a

8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. [VST]

Freeware | FreeSaturday, January 27, 200730db
Direct MP3 Joiner v2.2

Join multiple MP3 files to a larger one.

SharewareMonday, February 12, 200730db
Music Write Maestro

Compose, play, edit and print music on your home PC.

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, August 1, 200230db

VSTi synth Uses both sampling and synthesis to produce harsh sounds

SharewareFriday, August 1, 200330db
Power ID3 Editor

Tag editor for MP3, WMA and OGG file.

SharewareSunday, April 30, 200630db
TBK2 Digital Grimebox v1.0.2

Creative sonic degradation plug-in. [VST/DX/RTAS]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, October 3, 200630db

Telephone audio emulator. [VST]

Freeware | FreeMonday, September 10, 200730db
River Past Audio Capture v7.8

Audio capture to MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI.

Demo | TrialThursday, May 27, 201030db
RS RotoThree VST v1.0

Rotating effect for electric pianos with 3 individual rotors. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, May 5, 200630db
Midilegato v1.0

Delays NoteOff events on one channel. [VST]

Freeware | FreeTuesday, April 1, 200830db
For The Record v3.05

Helps organize your music record albums and CDs

SharewareSaturday, June 16, 200130db
Uniquel-izer v2.0

Lets you determine your ideal EQ. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | TrialWednesday, April 8, 200930db
miniSID v1.0

SID synth for getting that chip-tune sound with the minimum of tweaking. [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, November 5, 200830db
Tsunami 1.6

Warm pads, kicking effects and phat lead sounds with this virtual analogue synth.

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, September 1, 200430db
Pvoc Kit 1.52

A Four-Plugin Bundle: pitchsift - spiralstretch - pvocloop - phasemash. [RTAS/VST]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, July 8, 201330db
WMA Encoder/Decoder Control v1.5

Encodes audio to WMA files and decodes WMA.

SharewareMonday, August 8, 200530db
Syrah v3.2

Dynamics processor utilizing real time dynamic detection and level dependent processing. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | TrialMonday, April 7, 201430db
Playlistmaker v1.5

Create playlists (m3u, pls, m3l, txt and other)

Freeware | FreeSaturday, May 25, 200230db
Instant Audio CD Burner 2004

Create custom audio/music CDs.

SharewareTuesday, May 17, 200530db
Lean CD 2.5

Compact and powerful CD player

SharewareFriday, August 25, 200030db
Organux v1.0

Virtual organ plug-in. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, February 24, 200630db
IO Singularity v1.0

Virtual analog synth. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationSunday, January 20, 200830db
RipEditBurn v2.3.38

Rip CD tracks, convert to and from MP3, edit / add effects, and burn custom CDs.

Demo | DemonstrationSaturday, September 22, 200730db
Lord of Search v2.57


FreeSunday, November 6, 200530db
Mp3 Music Explorer 1.1

It helps manage your music files.

SharewareThursday, October 16, 200330db
XD Mastering Studio v1.2

Midifile editing and remixing tool for Ketron keyboards.

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, June 15, 200530db
Video to Flash Converter PRO v4.0

Video to SWF and FLV Flash Converter.

SharewareWednesday, February 15, 200630db