Top 50 Windows Music Software Titles

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Software TitleDescriptionLicenseReleased on:Powersort icon
Power CD+G Filter v1.0.16

Power CD+G Filter is a karaoke extension for Windows Media Player (plug-in).

SharewareSunday, June 3, 200720db


TrialMonday, December 26, 200520db
PsychoDither v1.0

Adaptive algorithm that reacts in real-time to the signal audio . [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, April 15, 200840db
Infinite Groove v1.0.4

Live drum loop virtual instrument. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, June 1, 200740db
KickHaas v1.0.9

Stage placement stereo effect. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, May 26, 200945db
MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section 2.2

MAAS is an easy-to-use high quality realtime MIDI arranger

SharewareThursday, October 10, 200245db
Audio MP3 Editor Professional

Professional digital sound editor.

SharewareThursday, December 29, 200545db
Native Power Pack bundle

Native Power Pack bundle - Complete pro-audio system.

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, November 4, 199845db
DVD Backup Xpress

Back up your DVD movies to DVD(+/-)R/W media

Freeware | FreeWednesday, February 9, 200545db
Jazz Baby v1.0

One-sound Baby Grand Piano module. [VST]

Freeware | FreeMonday, May 12, 200845db
VH-2 v1.0

Simulates a Drawbar Organ and a Transistor Organ. [VST]

AltoMP3 Maker 4.0

CD-ripper software that converts audio cd to MP3 files

SharewareTuesday, December 14, 200445db
Artisan CD/DVD Burner v3.3.32


FreeFriday, April 20, 200745db
Fantasi v1.0

Ten component vintage organ simulator, with Amp EG. [VST]

Freeware | FreeThursday, May 22, 200845db
monoLOW v1.0

Low band conformance machine. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, April 29, 200945db
Delta Space 0.11.0

Multi Dimension spatialiser [VST]

Freeware | FreeThursday, April 1, 200445db
Vintage Keyboard FX v2.0.2

Eight premium quality vintage analogue effects processors. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, February 5, 200845db
CDEveryWhere v2.0

Hybrid/Cross Platform CD Creator

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, August 17, 200145db
PSP EasyVerb v1.6.0

Reverb effect plugin with nine high quality algorithms. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, December 23, 200945db
VideoEdit Converter

VideoEdit Converter is a powerful, multimedia application

SharewareTuesday, July 1, 200345db
Mid-Side Envelope Follower FX Multi-Filter+

This is envelope follower plugin that has multi filter features. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, February 23, 201245db
MB MooLoPa v1.6

Lowpass filter [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, March 8, 200645db
FFTfun Dynamic Delay v1.2

Echo/Delay [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, December 9, 200545db
How to play the Guitar Vol 3 v5.0

Guitar lessons: intermediate/advanced level.


Monophonic lead/bass-synth

DemoFriday, February 28, 200345db
MusicAnywhere v1.0

Enjoy your favourite mp3 songs from anywhere you roam.

SharewareFriday, January 28, 200545db
Source-Live v1.1

Streams your full bandwidth audio over the internet to anywhere in the world, directly from within your VST host. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, July 24, 200645db
TCPlayer 0.9b

TCPlayer is an MP3/WMA media player for use on Windows networks.

SharewareSunday, March 20, 200545db
Modelonia v2.0 Beta

Physical-modelling synthesizer. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, August 7, 201545db
VOX Doctor

Vocal de-esser and enhancer. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, January 12, 200745db
MP3 Dancer v1.11

Tiny video figures of real dancers who dance along the bottom of your computer screen.

Slip-N-Slide v1.0

Frequency domain audio morpher/mangler. [VST]

Demo | TrialMonday, June 15, 200945db
CD to MP3 Converter v2.0

Convert CD to MP3 and Convert CD to WAV on-the-fly.

SharewareTuesday, July 12, 200545db
Model E Sounds Collection Volume 1 - Demo

320 new sounds for the Steinberg Model E. This demo contains 14 demo sounds.

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, January 15, 200145db
Audio One

Wav and MP3 player

DemoWednesday, December 11, 200245db
DJ2000 Demo 1.6

MP3 File Manager, Player, and Play Lister

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, July 9, 200145db
Metrosonus 2.02

High quality full featured metronome.

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, December 12, 200345db
DVD2one v2.4.1

DVD ripping and remastering tool.

Demo | TrialWednesday, July 14, 201045db
Music Collector v9.0.4

Catalog your CDs in a database automatically.

SharewareWednesday, March 17, 201045db
MP3Lyrix 2.0

View the lyrics of your favorite MP3 songs from your browser

Freeware | FreeWednesday, August 1, 200145db
Ultra AVI Converter

Convert, split, join AVI to various formats.

SharewareSunday, December 19, 200445db
Topaz Moment v3.1

Capture images from videos, and enhance them

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, October 2, 200645db
Arturo's Musical Sombra v2.0

Internet enabled, comprehensive Music Catalog

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, April 15, 200345db
Morphing Delay v2.1.5

Innovative stereo delay effect. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, August 28, 200645db
Arrakisynthesis 1.0

Stereo polyphonic synthesizer. [VST]

Free | DonationwareTuesday, April 1, 200845db
Morphilter v1.3

Stereo multi-mode filter with LFO-driven crossfading. [VST]

PaidFriday, January 17, 201445db
Octav8r v1.0

7-node pitch-shifter that generates 6 differently pitched stereo versions of the audio input. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationSaturday, January 12, 200845db
polyKB v2.1.4 beta

Polyphonic subtractive synthesizer based on two waveform morphing, alias-free oscillators and a self-oscillating 4-pole low-pass filter. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, January 31, 201445db
What's Playing v1.4

Plugin that outputs a file containing the details of songs played in the current Winamp session.

Freeware | FreeFriday, August 22, 200345db
Armadillo MP3

Organizer and jukebox to search classified and play MP3 files

Freeware | FreeTuesday, October 10, 200045db