Top 50 Windows Music Software Titles

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Software TitleDescriptionLicenseReleased on:Powersort icon
Power CD+G Filter v1.0.16

Power CD+G Filter is a karaoke extension for Windows Media Player (plug-in).

SharewareSunday, June 3, 200720db


TrialMonday, December 26, 200520db
LyricWriter 2008

Collection of tools to simplify your lyric writing.

iPod Updater 2006-01-10

iPod Software Update.

Smart CD Ripper PRO v5.7

Extracts audio CD tracks to MP3 and WAV formats.

SharewareMonday, July 21, 200840db
Sonic Sweet v1.0

Plugin suite that consists of Sonic, Harmonic and Loudness Maximizer. [VST/RTAS]

Demo | TrialFriday, January 22, 201040db
Sun CD & DVD Burner 2.1


DemoThursday, May 5, 200540db

Percussion synthesizer than combines samples and analog synthesis to produce a real drums sound without need another expensive sound software.

Weed v2.0

Format songs and listen 3 times free.

Voxengo PHA-979 v2.4

Track phase alignment audio plugin. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, June 18, 201440db
Jam Manager Guitar Software

Jam with your lyrics, tab, MP3's, DVDs, lessons & a whole lot more all on your screen at one time.

Demo | Demonstration40db
MP3Clip v1.0

Can split mp3 files based on time segments.

eJay Music Director Gold

Produce your own songs and videos simply, clearly and quickly.

Scanned Synth Pro v2.1.13

Implements "Scanned Synthesis" [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, July 11, 201340db
Galleoneer Filter Mk1 1.1

Free VST filter plug-in.

Freeware | FreeSaturday, January 1, 200540db
Resonator Bank v1.02

Filter Bank. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, September 20, 200640db
GNormal v1.0

Tries to remedy denormal problems by introducing extremely low-level noise to the signal path. [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, May 2, 200740db
Le Piano v1.0

One sound piano module. [VST]

Freeware | FreeMonday, May 12, 200840db

Learn to read, play, and understand music.

Demo | Demonstration40db
The Easier Drum Machine

Keyboard Triggered Sample Player/Recorder.

FreewareSaturday, March 12, 200545db

The LSD-611 "The Kali" is a multi-effect plugin that provides equalization, saturation, distortion, and funky filter-powered effects. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationMonday, June 17, 201345db

Multi-track sound editor.

RS RotoThree VST v1.0

Rotating effect for electric pianos with 3 individual rotors. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, May 5, 200645db
WideBug v1.0

Simple tool to enhance the stereo sound of your audio material. [VST]

Freeware | FreeThursday, April 28, 200545db

Super CD player and database for Windows.

Music Database 2000

Catalog your media/music/cd collection easily with this database

SharewareFriday, October 1, 200445db
simpleTON v1.0

Dual filter with distortion. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, April 29, 200945db
Intervallogic v1.0.5

Comprehensive ear-training software for musicians.

DemoTuesday, February 1, 200545db
Muon Electron

Combined the warmth, power and range of a classic analogue synth with an innovative and flexible architecture so that you, the musician, can create huge, complex sounds and control them dynamically in your music.

Tag&Rename v3.5.6

MP3,WMA, MP4, OGG and lossless music organizer.

SharewareWednesday, May 19, 201045db

Program editor for the Spin Doctor MIDI controller.


Control Winamp from your computer keyboard

SharewareWednesday, October 9, 200245db
Earwig / SureLog

SureLog (formally known as Earwig) is a radio station audio logger for recording hourly files in MP3 or linear WAV format.

Demo | TrialFriday, July 20, 201245db
Video2SWF v1.013

Convert video files to Flash.

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, July 25, 200745db
Jubster v 1.6.2

MP3 search tool.

Freeware | FreeWednesday, March 2, 200545db
Rebirth Tr909 Dance Collection

32 Patterns taken from the TR909 Collection in RBS Format

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, June 29, 199945db
Metro v6.4.9.1

High-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. [Hosts VST Plugins]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, June 4, 201045db
Sanford Super Filter v1.0

Features two multi-mode filters that can be routed in serial or parallel modes. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, June 9, 200945db
Cubase VST/32 5.2 PB1 Demo

Steinberg's Cubase VST is the complete professional music recording system. It combines high resolution MIDI recording with audio recording in either 16 or 24 bit formats.

RS Balance v1.0

Stereo balance tool with individual pans.

Freeware | FreeWednesday, November 9, 200545db
Tap It II

Improve your skills in rhythmic accuracy.

Demo | DemonstrationTuesday, March 5, 200245db
Horizon v1.0

Combines lush stereo unison voicing with a phrase sequencer. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, December 5, 200845db
RipEditBurn v2.3.38

Rip CD tracks, convert to and from MP3, edit / add effects, and burn custom CDs.

Demo | DemonstrationSaturday, September 22, 200745db

Traditional bass/treble EQ control. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, January 12, 200745db
SqakAttack v1.0

MIDI controlled buffer synth. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, February 2, 200745db
RT Maximizer

Real time audio loudness maximizer. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationFriday, January 12, 200745db
ArtsAcoustic CL Series v1.0.12

Bundle of three analog-modelled photoelectronic dynamic processors. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationThursday, April 29, 201045db
AudioSampler v1.1

Allows you to easily and quickly manage all your WAV audio files.

Off The Wall 1.00

A professional ping pong delay effect plugin [VST]

FreeMonday, September 13, 201045db
Tape Echo GS-201 v1.1.3

Simulation of a Japanese Tape Echo machine of the early seventies. [VST]

DemonstrationFriday, October 10, 200845db