VS-840; need to know how t convert .VR8 files to .WAV

Posted by nathan strickling on Sat, 11/03/01 - 21:06:23.

I picked up the VS-840 digital recording studio a couple of weeks ago. Ive already picked up a zip disk drive for my computer. When I put he disk in the songs that I've composed are shown but they are the wrong file type to play on the computer. I.E. Song.VR8 is what i comes up as. The only thing I can think of is to convert the file to a .WAV or mP3 file. But i do not kow how. Can somebody hep me withthis please. I've read the discussin forum and it says that using cakewalk or cuebase loses the digital sound quality, and that you need a fairly good sound card to ovrcome that. But I just want to be able to hear the music I'e created on the computer, so then I'db able to burn it on a cd and see what itsounds like on a good stereo system/car stereo.
If anyone has the answer plaserespond.
thank you

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Re: VS-840; need to know how t convert .VR8 files to .WAV

I need to know if you found a way to convert your .vr8 to .wav. I own a Boss Br8 and i have the same problem than you. I you can help me i'll be very happy !

St├ęphane Bourgeois

Re: VS-840; need to know how t convert .VR8 files to .WAV

I can't help you with that...but is it possible to link a roland vs840 with a br8 via midi...effectively producing a 16 track hard disk recorder?

The br8 has a midi in...


I lost the thread of this some time ago as I am an owner of a VS880 that wanted the same facility. I can't remember if anyone wrote an application to convert them over. It's just the hardware manufacturers trying to impose proprietory file types and connections on us...

The easiest way is to record the output form the VS into the computer. I know it's not favourite, but if you have an SP/DIF connection on the computer, then you can do it without loss of quality. I am told that the original OS for the VS880 had the facility via SCSI. I have the original OS and SCSI link to my Mac although I have never bothered in light of the ease of copying it over through the audio connections...

Good Luck