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Eventide unveils Anthology II - TDM plug-in bundle

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 12:14 am    Post subject: Eventide unveils Anthology II - TDM plug-in bundle Reply with quote

Eventide has unveiled Anthology II, the next generation of its most comprehensive plug-in bundle for TDM platform. Anthology II features fifteen plug-ins, giving artists and engineers unprecedented production capabilities in one package.

"Anthology II takes the foundation of the original bundle and rounds out the offering with six new, powerful plug-ins," said Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing.
"Anthology II adds two 48-bit double precision vintage equalizers: EQ65 is the software version of ubiquitous filter set found in every post-production facility, EQ45 is a classic four-band parametric EQ.

The two configurable channel strips provide useful tracking tools: Ultra-Channel has our signature micropitch shifting effect for thickening, E-Channel is optimized for maximum instances. Precision Time Align provides the ability to align separate tracks. The sum total is everything you need to do your next project in one affordable package." Anthology II offers a total of 15 plug-ins with six new plug-ins aimed at enhancing the production capabilities.

E-Channel™: Channel strip with a configurable signal path. E-Channel includes a gate, compressor/limiter with sidechain, and five bands of 48-bit double precision parametric equalization. Ultra-Channel™ offers users a more comprehensive channel strip. Ultra-Channel features a gate, de-esser, Omnipressor® compressor/limiter with sidechain, five bands of 48-bit double precision parametric equalization, stereo delays, and the Harmonizer® micropitch shifter. The signal path is also user configurable.

EQ65 Filter Set faithfully recreates the sound and function of the vintage analog filter set, ideal for fixing problematic tracks and creative applications. Included in EQ65 are high and low cut 18dB/octave filters, and two-band reject or band pass filters with variable depth. Equalizing capabilities are expanded with EQ45 Parametric Equalizer, a precise replica of the vintage analog parametric equalizer. EQ45 includes high and low cut 12dB/octave filters, plus four full bands of EQ with continuously variable bandwidth, frequency, boost and cut.

Mic phase alignment is made easier with the new Precision Time Align™ plug-in. With precise positive or negative time alignment of each individual track, Precision Time Align is indispensable for bringing close-miked drums, overhead mics, and room mics into phase alignment. Offering a higher instance count than Octavox™, Quadravox™ features four voices of diatonic Harmonizer pitch shifting. Each voice has an individual delay adjustment and pan controls, giving users greater precision when crafting an effect.

Anthology II also features the nine plug-ins that comprised the original Anthology bundle: H910, H949, Instant Phaser™, Instant Flanger™, Omnipressor®, Eventide Reverb, Octavox™, H3000 Band Delays™ and H3000 Factory™.

Anthology II will be available for a list price of $1,195 with an estimated US street price of $995. Eventide will offer upgrade programs for loyal Eventide plug-ins users.

Anyone who purchases the original Anthology bundle between December 15, 2005 and January 31, 2006 will receive a free upgrade to Anthology II. Anthology owners prior to December 15, 2005 may upgrade for $299. Clockworks Legacy™ owners may upgrade for $499. MassivePack, Octavox, Eventide Reverb or H3000 Band Delay owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $799. Anthology II will be available through authorized Eventide dealers and at

This is a Press Release
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