Cheap Electronic Drum Set

If you are looking to expand your percussion sounds or you need a good practice kit, without breaking the bank, then check out these cheap electronic drum sets.


We understand that not everyone can afford Roland's latest jaw dropping V-drums, so we have taken it upon ourselves to find affordable alternatives that have met the demands of their owners without having overbearing price tags.

If budget is not an issue and you are looking for something that feels and responds precisely like acoustic drums then you should check out our list of the Best Electronic Drum Sets. You should read on if you are looking for an electronic drum kit that is more reasonably priced and still fun to play.

There are also more options in the gear guide: The Best Cheap Electronic Drum Set For Beginners.

Alesis DM6

Alesis DM6 Kit

The Alesis DM6 is considered by many as the best cheap electronic drum set, and we simply agree. We highly recommend it for beginners and budget-conscious drummers that want to expand their percussive sounds without shelling out too much cash. For its price, the DM6 five-piece drum kit has some surprisingly convincing drum sounds thanks to the DM6 module which showcases Alesis' experience in the field of drum machines and electronic kits. This kit also features impressively responsive playing surfaces much like that of other more expensive kits. The DM6 has Alesis' natural feeling rubber drum and symbal surfaces that reduce vibration feedback and mimics the behavior of acoustic drums. Its ideal for practice but has seen quite a lot of use in performances. If you are undecided and you have enough cash to spare, do yourself a favor and get the Alesis DM6.

Yamaha DTX400K

Yamaha DTX400K

Although Yamaha calls the DTX 400K a starter/practice kit, the features and sounds are impressive enough to appease even experienced professionals. It continues to be among their best selling drum kits, thanks to its combination of good sounds, reasonable response, compact footprint and lightweight design. Notable features include 169 quality sounds, ten editable kits and a USB/MIDI connection for controlling your favorite virtual instruments or DAW. If you think that cheap electronic drums have a cheap feel, you will be surprised with the DTX400K's smooth response. With Yamaha's years of experience in building both acoustic and electronic drum kits, you can be sure that you're getting a professionally made instrument that will not disappoint.

ddrum DD1

ddrum DD1

This kit is definitely the coolest looking among the bunch, and many are surprised to find out that this is actually among the cheapest available. Aside from looking nice, the sounds and response you get from the ddrum DD1 kit are just as cool as its looks. This standard five-piece kit comes with basic features like four single-zone pads, snare, cymbals, hi-hat controller pedal and pad. What it lacks in features it makes up with its practice-friendly module, designed with 218 ddrum captured drum and percussion sounds along with 20 preset kits, 10 user presets and 50 preset songs. For an entry level kit, the ddrum DD1 does not look boring, the sounds and the feel of the pads are not that bad either, giving you great value for the money. If you are looking for an electronic kit for quiet practice, rehearsals or for simply showing off to your friends, check this one out.



This low cost electronic set might not have the big name backing that the other kits have on this list, but the OSP DD-502 MKII continues to satisfy adventurous drummers that decided to buy it before much was known about it. It gives you all the essential features you need at a very affordable entry level price. You get a Bass Drum, Hi-Hat, Snare, two Toms, a Floor Tom and two Cymbals, with each pads being velocity sensitive, making this kit a cheaper alternative to high-end practice kits. As far as sound versatility and fun goes, the module gives you 215 voices that are more than what a drummer normally needs. Another nifty feature of this kit is that you can replace the head with any standard 8" drum head should you want to get a more authentic feel.

Pyle-Pro PED02M

Pyle-Pro PED02M

A few years back, it would have been impossible to see a fully functional electronic drum kit priced this cheaply! Thanks to improvements in drum designs, we can now enjoy functional entry-level electronic kits at modest prices. Although this one is the cheapest on the list, users rave its sturdy build and performance, and many attest that this is a cheap drum kit that doesn't actually feel or sound cheap. We highly recommend the Pyle-Pro PED02M for beginners, especially for youngsters because its compact form factor will make it a bit easier for them to handle. Its module comes with various practice friendly features including 11 preset kits, built-in metronome, built-in MP3 recorder, Reverb, Looping and many more. With the Pyle-Pro PED02M, you can practice all you want without taking up too much space or disturbing the peace. If you are looking to buy your kid a drum kit, you should consider this one.

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Why wasn't the drum sets from Behringer covered?

I was not surprised to see them skipped from the review of sets over $500, but I think it's a real shame they were skipped here as well.

Great Stuff

Thanks for the tips. Advancements in electronic drums has really improved. With a decent Electronic Kit, the options are endless.