3PLET - Sell Your Album Online as a Mobile App

3PLET is offering an alternative method of getting your album distributed online, by turning them into mobile apps.


This online service repackages your music into a software application that can be sold worldwide on various mobile platforms including iTunes, Windows Marketplace and GooglePlay.

The system is designed to produce an app that can be an interactive method of presenting your music, combining your music with images and lyrics. It can also feature information that fans and prospective fans will find relevant to your music, including your contact or booking information, social media page and more.

Each app is then available for free and features three songs which will work as your album preview. Those who will appreciate your artistry can then unlock the full album via convenient in-app purchase. You will set the price of your album and 3PLET will be charging fees per sale.

This means that 3PLET earns money by helping you earn money with your music. At the same time they help expand the exposure of your music to a worldwide audience. While other music distributors will ask for exclusivity, 3PLET does not affect your distribution rights, which means that you are still distribute your album on traditional platforms like CDs, USB storages and more.

Here is a quick overview of what 3Plet can do for you and your music:

According to their site, application build-up and publication fee on all platforms is priced at €250, while the technical support fee is €1 per month. For more information, you can visit 3PLET.

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