Drum Sound and Beat Creation video tutorial for Ultrabeat

"Drum Sound and Beat Creation" Video Tutorial was released by Samplerbanks for Ultrabeat users.

Most Logic users are content with the default presets of Ultrabeat, some would load samples, but not many users understand and utilize the many features of the software.


This HD video will start your deep dive into Ultrabeat. The 2.5+ hours of HD video tutorial will make you realize that you can easily create your own sounds from scratch, emulate drum machines and design dynamic and complex percussion patterns. Bottomline is you get to to use Ultrabeat better.

The tutorial has two distinct parts which can be bought separately. The first part deals with Ultrabeat's layout and features. You will become familiar with the face plate icons and controls.

You will also be guided on how to use Ultrabeat for editing, live performance, sampling sounds and the first section will end with an introduction to the synthesizer section. It will show you the basic knowledge you need up to pattern creation synthesis.

The 2nd part is where the fun begins as it deals with synthetic drum and percussion sounds. The tutorial will help you recreate a wide range of sounds, from vintage 808 drum machine sounds to sci-fi electronic percussion.

With the help of this tutorial video, you will begin to understand the fundamentals of drum synthesis which will empower you to create your own signature sounds, however you like. Finally you will get to utilize the rarely used morphing capability of Ultrabeat.

For more information head over to samplerbanks.com

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