JoeCo Limited releases the BlackBox Recorder v2.2 Software Update

This version 2.2 software update from JoeCo Limited is designed to enhance, speed up and improve the working efficiency of the BlackBox Recorder.

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The updates includes important enhancements to the bespoke operating system to improve the over all performance of the BlackBox Recorder.

The update also implements simple interface design changes, like clarifying clock sources and flashing the transport controls while an operation is pending. This provides an improved overall user experience, with a quicker and more responsive interface. A new more efficient method of displaying important information was also employed.

The Pre Fade Listen system which was introduced in the BBR64-MADI is also updated, now allowing for more rapid sweep through channels and is equipped with a quick return mix output.

Timecode reading has been improved, along with master/slave performance. Recording and Broadcasting WAV has also been hastened. The update also includes compatibility with new drives and now runs background checks on the drive to get accurate free space information faster.

Other enhancements include triggering improvements and support for old v0 BWF files that older DAWs still produce.

This software update is free for all BlackBox Recorder owners, you can get it from JoeCo's End User page.

For more information about the BlackBox Recorder v2.2 software update, head over to

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