Linux Audio Conference on April 12-15, 2012 at CCRMA Stanford University

Mark your calendars, the 2012 Linux Audio Conference (LAC) is happening on April 12 to 15 at CCRMA Standford University.

LAC 2012

This international conference will bring in software developers, musicians, sound artists and other enthusiasts that prefer using the Linux platform for audio and media applications and music production.


This is the first time that LAC will happen in the U.S. which is why a lot of Linux fans near Standford should be excited. Linux audio enthusiasts will be coming from different parts of the globe bringing with them new ideas and ensuring further development and advancement of Linux as an Audio platform.

LAC will include workshops, paper sessions and a number of music programs. It will detail the current capabilities of audio applications based on the Linux Platform.

The upcoming 2012 LAC conference will happen at the Center for Computer Research in Music Acoustics (CCRMA) at Standford University. The LAC2012 website has all the information needed if you want to attend the conference.

CCRMA is a multi-disciplinary facility where composers and researches work on audio production using computer based technology both as an artistic medium and research tool. CCRMA has been developing Linux as an open and stable audio platform since 1997.

Stanford is located within Silicon Valley about one hour south of San Francisco, California.

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