SONiVOX Dubstep Destruction Tools

Dubstep Destruction Tools feature four Dubstep music production software from Sonivox, including Wobble, Vocalizer, Twist and Pulse.

SONiVOX Dubstep Destruction Tools

This software bundle brings you the tools you need to create dubstep tracks in one convenient package.

Be it dark and distorted or soaring and melodic, this software bundle can help you get it done. Included in this bundle are the following software:

Wobble - Dubstep Grime Generator: This is a spectral synthesis engine that creates both traditional and modern dubstep sounds, all with a first-of-its-kind tempo-synced modulation generator.
Twist – Spectral Morphing Synthesizer: It features a new spectral morphing engine, with onboard tempo-synced variable resolution pattern generator and Sonivox’s Intelligent Rhythm Control (R.I.C.).

Vocalizer – Vocal Production Synthesizer: This software features advanced vocal signal processing, vocoding and re-synthesis. Singers can enjoy building complex complementary harmonies and soundscapes out of their voice, while non-vocalists can make their voice musical in a variety of wayys.

Pulse – Advanced Production Instrument: This is the bundle's very own drum machine. It features 64 user-assignable pads with infinite sample layering, multi-channel routing and assignable effects, as well as over 167 premium drum kits and 249 other instruments from SONiVOX's sound design team.

Al Joelson, Sonivox Manager, was quoted saying: "This package brings together some of our hottest music creation tools. It puts everything you need to create incredible dubstep tracks right at your finger tips"

Dubstep Destruction Tools is currently selling from retailers with an estimated street price of $349.

For more information about the individual software included, you can visit Sonivox.

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