Sample Magic has released The Producer's Manual by Paul White

Sample Magic has released The Producer's Manual by Paul White, a complete music production guide from recording to final mastering.

The editor of Sound On Sound - Paul white has created a comprehensive guide to recording, mixing and mastering. The Producer's Manual was designed to be a reference tool for recording engineers, sound technicians and musicians who do home recording.


The book's 350+ full color pages are full of practical and professional techniques to make the music production process less of a pain. It includes detailed illustrations and images with step by step information that will speak even to hard core professionals and dummies.

The book deals with the various aspects of music production in a very detailed manner. Part of the book deals with getting great sounding recordings. It describes in detail how to capture vocals and various instruments. It also discusses the different Mics you can use and the many Mic placement techniques. The book also gives tips on how to tame spill and feedback, and also touches on getting the most our of performers when recording.

It also features an in-depth back to basics approach to teaching dynamics, reverb, pitch correction, studio acoustics, monitoring and compression. You can also get tips on improving your mix and will warn you about items that you need to avoid. It utilizes non-jargon theory backed by practical insights covering EQ, mixdown and hardware usage.

Lastly the book touches on final mastering. Although it is still recommended that final mastering is done by professionals, the book gives special tricks and insights taken from the authors 20 years of experience and interviews with some of the best producers around like Alan Parsons and Tony Visconti.

The Producer's Manual is currently available for only £29.95

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