Two New Ableton Live 9 Books From Hal Leonard

The first book is titled "Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering with Ableton Live 9", while the other one is called "Producing Music with Ableton Live 9".

Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering with Ableton Live 9

Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering with Ableton Live 9

This book aims to improve your tracking, audio production, and performance skills with Ableton Live 9. It combines traditional and modern teaching methods features in-depth discussions of mixing and mastering, "recipes" for creating great tracks and other information that is useful in real settings. It also takes you far beyond the basics with audio-making and audio-mangling tips, as well as advanced mixing and mastering techniques.

The author of the book is Jake Perrine, a mastering engineer and Ableton certified trainer. He aims to inspire you to use Live 9 in a new ways and provides methods on how to improve the way you already use it. The publisher extrapolates: "Striking a delicate balance of artistry and theory, he expands your creative repertoire for both the studio and the stage and demonstrates creative production techniques that help you get the most out of Ableton Live 9 for improvising with other musicians; sound design for music, film, theater, and games; composition; live looping; DJing; and, of course, mixing and mastering music."

The book is bundled a DVD-ROM that provides audio samples, demo software, and insightful video tutorials, as well as actual Ableton Live sessions that you can use to practice the techniques presented in the text.

Producing Music with Ableton Live 9

Producing Music with Ableton Live 9

Instead of serving as a "second manual", this book walks you through the features that make Ableton Live 9 stand out. It is meant to help you get a better understanding of features that will let you create the music that you want - be it making beats, remixing, live recording, DJing, live looping, producing songs, or creating sound design, electronic music, or hip-hop.

Ableton certified trainer Jake Perrine provides hands-on, expert guidance on things that matter to aspiring Ableton Live 9 producers. It covers musical settings where this popular music production software shines, whether you want to DJ, make mashups and remixes, play with a band, or build epic dance anthems from scratch. A substantial appendix section offers discussions of important non-Ableton specific topics, including digital audio basics, components of a producer's studio, considerations when buying a DAW computer, and more.

It also comes with a nifty DVD-ROM that supports the book with sound samples and demonstrations.

For more information and to check on their other music production books, visit Hal Leonard.

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