Alesis V and VI Keyboard/Pad Controllers

Alesis launched the V and VI Series - fully integrated keyboard/pad MIDI controllers with full size keys for producers and performers.

Alesis V25
Alesis V25

The V Series offer expressive hands-on control for music producers with velocity-sensitive keys and LED illuminated pads. The high-end variant VI Series is geared towards live performance, featuring semi-weighted keys, aftertouch, and expanded multicolor pads.

Nate Lane, Alesis Product Manager, notes: "Our goal with the new V and VI series keyboards was to focus on live performance and studio workflow in an intuitive yet advanced way. The keys, pads, knobs, and buttons have an excellent, player-worthy, high-quality feel, and we developed an accompanying software editor to allow users to take a deep dive into defining preset and parameter configurations if they choose to do so."

Alesis V Series

The V Series come in three sizes, the biggest one is the 61-key V61, sitting in the middle is the V49 with 49 keys, and the most compact model is the V25 with 25 keys. All three models also come with eight drum/trigger pads that are ideal for triggering samples or controlling percussive instruments. All the keys are velocity-sensitive for dynamic expression, while the pads are illuminated by blue LEDs for improved visibility and eye candy.

Control assignments are simplified via the built-in MIDI Learn feature. Octave shift keys provide access to the entire note range. A single USB cable provides both a power and data connection to nearly any computer. Other features include pitch bend and modulation wheels, 4 assignable knobs and buttons, and it has a sustain pedal input. Each unit is bundled with the Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition and a MIDI Editor software

Alesis VI Series

The top-of-the-line VI Series also come in three sizes - VI61, VI49 and VI25. Each of the three models come with all the features of the V Series and adds extra functions that make them more viable for live performance. Most notable step-up features are the semi-weighted keys and aftertouch that improve the feel and playability of the controller. The pad count is also increased to 16, and feature multi-color LED illumination for even better visuals.

Alesis V61
Alesis VI61

Aside from the keys and pads, the VI Series also offer more knobs and buttons, with the biggest model VI61 carrying 16 knobs and 48 buttons! Each controller also come with internal clocks, allowing for drum roll, tempo, and sync capabilities. Other features include transport and preset up/down buttons, pitch bend and modulation wheels, sustain pedal input and USB connectivity. The VI Series also come with the same free software bundle. Finally, an optional power supply and a standard MIDI output allow for stand-alone use.

The V and VI Series are expected to carry the following retail prices, V25 ($79.99), V49 ($99.99), V61 ($149.99 USD), VI25 ($169.99 USD), VI49 ($199.99 USD), and VI61 ($249.99 USD). Visit Alesis for more information.

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