Anakonda KAN200 - Flexible Loudspeaker

K-Array introduces the Anakonda KAN200, a flexible and foldable passive loudspeaker that comes in the shape of a snake.

Anakonda KAN200

Its unique design allows you to install a fully functional speaker in places where traditional speaker boxes can't be used.


At first glance, the KAN200 looks more like a cable than a speaker, each unit is 6 feet long with a body that is easily bendable and foldable, yet sturdy enough for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Anakonda's unique design allows for speaker installations that go beyond the norm. You can hang it on any space, fold it to match a particular spot, or bend it around a column. The possibilities are endless, and its manufacturer K-array (a division of Sennheiser), mentions that this speaker is ideal for front fills, outdoor installations, theme parks and scenography design. Imagine how people would be surprised to find that the design itself was the speaker!

The design implementation was quite straightforward, inside the flexible and sturdy exterior of the Anakonda are eight 1" neodymium cone speakers with 0.75" voice coils. These multiple miniature speakers line the length of its body and produce the sound, while the structure they are built on provides the flexibility. An important aspect of the speaker's design is its weight, which is deliberately set to be light. Being lightweight and flexible makes it very easy to integrate into venues. The Anaconda will also be ideal for mobile setups where you need to setup and tear down your speakers regularly.

Another cool thing about the K-Array Anakonda is that they can be chained together via NL4 connectors. You can chain together up to 16 Anakondas in one line, which gives you a very long sound line that you can literally bend to your will. The NL4 connectors are hidden within the body, which gives the chain a visual appearance of being just one straight cable.

Each KAN200 comes with two fabric socks (black and white) that act as covers to protect the speaker from foreign objects. The socks also allow for a quick change of colors if needed. K-Array also bundles the speaker with wall brackets for easy installation. You can use the Anakonda as is or pair it with subwoofers.

The Anakonda KAN200 is now available with a price tag of just under $900. For the technical specifications and other information, you can visit K-Array.

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