Apple Logic Pro X

Apple announces the availability of the new Logic Pro X, with improved 64-bit architecture, new features and a new look.

Apple Logic Pro X

After years of waiting and speculation, Apple finally upgraded their professional DAW software. Logic Pro X now features 64-bit architecture and comes with a revamped interface, more tools for musicians, and a host of new instruments and effects.

The new interface is streamlined so that advanced users have more efficient access to advanced tools and features. You can also hide these features if you are aiming for a simple production or if you want to focus on creativity.

An interesting new feature of this software is called "Drummer", a virtual session drummer that automatically plays along with your song in a wide variety of drumming styles and techniques. You can use it to lay down the drum track for you as you work through your music, which can be very convenient when writing a song, arranging or when brainstorming for song and production ideas. The Drummer uses professionally produced drum tracks that you can organize to create a wide selection of drum grooves.

As expected the new update brings more plug-ins and more new instruments. A nifty new MIDI plugin called the Arpeggiator lets you use a simple keyboard chord and turn it into an a unique performance. The update also introduces some noteworthy instruments like the Retro Synth(emulates synths from the '70s and '80s) and Vintage Keyboards(modeled electric pianos, B3 organs and clavs). Bass players are also in for a treat with the new Bass Amp Designer that lets bassist play and record using emulated vintage and modern bass amps, complete with virtual cabinets and microphones. There are a total of 9 new MIDI plug-ins, and it has a new Sound Library with over 1,500 instrument and effect patches.

Another notable feature of Logic Pro X is "Flex Pitch", which lets you edit the pitch of your audio recordings. This pitch shifting tool can be used in a number of ways, from subtle pitch correction to fixing out of tune vocals to purposely changing the melodies of your recording - and it is not limited to just the vocals.

To let you organize and collapse multiple tracks into one, this update introduces Track Stacks, which you can also use to produce rich, layered instruments. Smart Controls is also another handy feature, it lets you manipulate multiple plug-ins and parameters with a single move. The Mixer was also improved to let you better manage mix sessions with more efficiency. The Mixer UI comes with increased visibility into signal flow and dynamics and allows for faster ways to manipulate channel inserts.

Apple also introduced Logic Remote, which lets you control Logic Pro X from your iPad. This will free you from having to always work in front of your Mac, giving you some time to move around for gathering thoughts and relaxing, while still being in control.

Philip Schiller , Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said: "Logic Pro X is our most powerful version yet, with advanced tools and a modern new interface designed to streamline the process of creating professional quality music. Musicians are going to love creative new features like Drummer, Flex Pitch, Track Stacks and the Arpeggiator."

Apple also wanted to improve Logic Pro's live performance capabilities, and so they updated MainStage to version 3. Mainstage 3 is an improved live performance companion app for Logic Pro X. It lets you use your Mac as a live performance rig and features enhanced plug-incompatibility, more patches and smart controls.

Logic Pro X is now available from the Mac App Store for $199.99, while MainStage 3 is priced at $29.99. The iPad app Logic Remote is freely downloadable from the iTunes App Store. Visit Apple for more information about the update.

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