ATC SCM20ASL Pro Active and SCM20PSL Pro Passive Reference Monitors

ATC releases two new nearfield reference monitors - the SCM20ASL Pro Active V2 and the new SCM20PSL Pro Passive.

SCM20ASL Pro active Monitors

The new active model replaces the previous-generation SCM20ASL Pro, while the SCM20PSL Pro passive model is an all-new product, both come at a lower price point when compared to other ATC studio monitors.

The two monitors come with the company's new SH-25-76S 25mm/1-inch soft dome tweeter, said to be the result of six years of research and development by Managing Director Billy Woodman and R&D Engineer Richard Newman. It features a neodymium motor with heat-treated top plate designed for low non-linear distortion and improved frequency response of -6dB @ 26kHz.

Newman is quoted saying "The tweeter is designed and built with the same no-compromise philosophy as all other ATC drive units. The design takes notes from the highly-regarded ATC midrange dome by utilizing a dual-suspension design, negating the requirement for Ferro-fluid, and avoiding the detrimental effects of this drying out over time, a feature considered to be of utmost importance for longterm consistency."

The company utilized "precision-machined" alloy in crafting the waveguide structure, with the aim of providing better dispersion, less resonance and improved durability.

The 150mm/six-inch Super Linear device bass/mid driver used in both loudspeakers feature proprietary design from the company. ATC’s Super Linear technology employs specialist materials in the magnetic circuit that helps reduce third harmonic distortion in the lower midrange. These drivers are built using a 75mm/three-inch voice coil and a short-coil, long-gap topology, combining the high-power handling and low-power compression that are found on premium monitors.

The ATC SCM20ASL Pro v2 comes with an electronics system that can reduce noise and distortion for -10dB @ 10kHz. Operating temperature was also reduced for better reliability. The press release says, "The amplifier design is a revised version of ATC’s discrete MOSFET Class A/B design with 200W and 50W continuous power available for the bass and high frequency sections, respectively".

User controls were also improved over the previous generation, featuring mroe flexible input sensitivity controls and a revised low frequency shelf control that allows for good balance in difficult acoustic conditions. Protection circuits for both DC offset and thermal overload are set in place.

The new reference monitors are housed in a re-designed cabinet with heavily-braced MDF, just like the company's larger monitors. For resonance suppression, ATC bonded and stapled highly damped, elastometric panels to inner walls, while the enclosure’s front panel is heavily radiused to reduce cabinet diffraction, improving the frequency response and imaging.

Both nearfield reference monitors are now available worldwide. The SCM20PSL Pro passive is priced at around $3,362 per pair; while the SCM20ASL Pro (V2) active loudspeakers are a bit mroe expensive at around $3,5884 per pair. For more information and other details, head over to ATC Loudspeakers.

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