Behringer Motör Series MIDI Keyboards - NAMM 2014

Behringer introduces the new Motör Series MIDI keyboard controllers, featuring fully-motorized faders.

Motör Series

Both the bigger 61 key Motör 61 and smaller 41-key Motör 49 are equipped with essential controls ideal for songwriters and composers. What sets them apart is the addition of touch-sensitive motorized faders, nifty drum pads and the all important Behringer price tag.

Aside from the above mentioned convenient features, seamless integration with popular DAWs is also prioritized adding to the appeal of this new MIDI keyboard controller series. It automatically maps all the keys and controls to commonly used parameters of popular music production software. Various setup presets are also available for specific hardware/software combinations.

The keys on both the 61 and 41 key versions are semi-weighted, full-sized keys with velocity and aftertouch, these features allow for expressive and dynamic playing. The motorized faders of which the name of the series was based on, sit in the center of the interface - the 9 motorized 60 mm touch-sensitive faders are based on the same technology used on Behringer's X32 digital mixing console. These faders will let you control your DAW mixer, or make real-time adjustments to your instrument and effects that include soft synths, drawbar organ and various effect parameters.

Situated beside the faders are endless rotary encoders, these 8 brightly illuminated encoders come with LED collars to provide a clear and instant overview of all software parameters at all times. A backlit transport section is also added to give you complete control over playback and record functions. For convenient percussion, drums, and real-time sample-loop triggering, the unit features 8 backlit drum pads that offer the expressive features as the keys - velocity and pressure sensitivity.

Motör Series

The Motör Series MIDI Keyboards come equipped with their own hardware arpeggiator that can easily be used with your favorite soft synth and instruments. Finally the unit features a backlit LCD screen is designed to provide information that will let you easily monitor your settings.

Motör 61 is expected to retail for $299.99, while the smaller Motör 49 is even cheaper at $249.99. These controllers were put on display at the 2014 NAMM Show. You can head over to Behringer for more information.

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