Deckadance 2 Beta

Image-Line makes the Deckadance 2 Beta publicly available to their registered customers, allowing them to contribute to its progress.

Deckadance 2 Beta

We reported last January that Behringer teamed up with Image-Line to pair the new Deckadance 2 with Behringer's latest CMD DJ controllers. Now the anticipated follow up to the popular Deckadance DJ mixing app is being made available to the public in beta form.

The Deckadance version 2.08 public beta is now available for download at Image-Line's website, you can get it for both Mac and Windows for a limited time. According to the site, the beta expires at the 20th of April, 2013.

The beta DJ software comes with improved GUI that has already impressed many users. Its most notable upgrade is that it now has up to 4 decks for queuing and mixing more tracks, making it more appealing to working DJs.

You can better customize the knobs with the new Smartknobs, which will let you assign multiple FX or Mixer functions to your knobs. This improvement makes Deckadance more personalized, allowing for controls that follows what you want, and are consequently unique compared to others. You can even customize the envelopes to your liking.

GrossBeat function in Deckadance 2 provides 8 user adjustable effects per deck, and it comes with its own integrated editor. This will allow you to program or automate glitch, stutter and scratch functions. To make the effects cooler, the Isolator effect lets you have up to 3 insert effects per track that you can surgically apply to specific frequencies - high/mid or low band.

The update also comes with its own sampler, 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched for easy sampling. You can one shot, trigger and retrigger as you want, while loop modes allow for even more convenient usage of your favorite samples.

For a more intuitive interface, Image-Line added Smart Panels, user configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels.

The upcoming Deckadance 2 software is now a VST host and Client, which means you can now use your favorite VST plugins with it. It even comes with Effector VST plugin to get you started. For convenient track and song loading, it can now easily access your iTunes library, allowing for quick play list creations and giving you more mixing options.

Here is the official video demo of the Deckadance 2 Beta:

If you are a registered Image-Line customer, you can visit Image-Line to try out the Deckadance 2 Beta.

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