M-Audio introduces the new Fast Track C-series audio interfaces

M-Audio wants to help you transform your musical ideas into professional sounding music with the new Fast Track C-Series audio interfaces.


The first thing you'll notice is the Fast Track C-Series' compact and sturdy design. Upon your first try, you will begin to wonder how M-Audio packed in all the great sound quality technology and features in this small package.

The next thing that will probably catch your attention is its form factor and top panel interface. The new sleek look and top panel controls were born through careful gathering of feedback from actual musicians. And I think it was a simple but effective change, it makes a big difference in terms of movement economy and space.

It's a lot easier to see the input level monitors, and all the control button and knobs are easily accessible when you are working in front of a desk which is the typical home recording scenario.

The input and output controls are separated to avoid control mistakes and they also added in a special "Multi" button, which will help simplify recording workflow.

Bearing the brand M-Audio also helps in the sound department. The new Fast Track C-Series have built in reverb and delay effects which can be applied to your headset monitors. It also ensures that you can audition your mixes through multiple monitors with its built in monitor management system. They used the same boutique quality preamps and premium converters from the higher end Fast Track models which means you get the best possible sound that M-audio can provide.

The Fast Track C-Series is also bundled with Pro Tools Se so you can immediately start capturing your invaluable music ideas.

Current retail prices are:

    • Fast Track C400 - $309.95
    • Fast Track C600 - $499.95
Here is a very convincing video demonstration of the new Fast Track C-Series Audio Interfaces

For more information head over to the Fast Track C400 and the Fast Track C600 web page.

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