FL Studio v12 Released

After a period of beta testing, Image Line released the 12th iteration of their popular music production software FL Studio.

FL Studio v12

This improved version of the popular DAW software is now available for free download to all existing customers, thanks to the company's Lifetiime Free Updates policy. This free update policy, together with the software's affordable price tag are two of the main reasons why many musicians and producers continue to use FL Studio.

The main improvement that version 12 brings to the software has to do with the Graphical User Interface (GUI), which has been totally reworked to meet the requests and complaints of the users.

First mentioned is the improved scalability of the interface, allowing FL Studio to fit into any screen size or resolution you use, particularly useful in this age where computer manufacturers tend to release screens with various resolutions. This is made possible by the use of 100% vectorial design on all the visual elements of the GUI. The controls will now be crisp and clear what ever resolution you are using, or when using 4, 5 or even 8K monitors.

Another important update introduced in FL Studio 12 is the complete overhaul of the Mixer controls. They are now resizable and comes with 6 layout styles to choose from. For further convenience, there are now 3-configurable docking panels to choose from, allowing you to arrange your tracks as you see fit. You can also now select multiple faders for quick adjustments, and it comes with official multi-touch support.

Mixer track grouping has been improved, and it comes with many new multi-track routing automated options. Other enhancements for the Mixer include 10 FX slots per track, improved submix and grouping functions, and the dedicated "Send" channels have been replaced with general purpose send tracks and added to the overall track-pool.

The "piano roll" mode has been improved, now with time markers for labeling and looping purposes. Instead of the chord tool, it now comes with a stamp tool which lets you click in chords from a selector. Auto-zoom can now be disabled in the General Settings, and you can use Macro to find overlapping notes.

In FL Studio 12, you can now drag and drop multiple stems or audio clips on the playlist via your Windows file browser. Image Line also improved the file browsing feature of the software, now with a better layout and customizable category tabs.

Bundled plugins are also updated including the 3xOSC, Edison, Formula Controller, Peak Controller, Keyboard Controller gain vectorial UIs. Support for both 32 & 64-bit VST plugins were also improved, with wrapper redesigned to improve compatibility and reduce instability.

Finally, the different FL Studio Editions and Bundles are updated to give you more features:

  • Fruity edition gains Automation Clips.
  • Producer edition gains Sytrus & Maximus.
  • Signature Bundle gains Harmless, Newtone, Gross Beat and Pitcher.
  • Existing owners also get these great additions.

If you don't have the FL Studio software yet and you are planning to finally purchase FL Studio, the current pricing starts at $99. Visit Image Line for more information.

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