Focusrite Dream Recording Competition

Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd celebrates their 25th Anniversary by giving deserving artists the chance to record at the fabled AIR Studios in London, UK.

Focusrite Dream Recording Session

The winner and his band will enjoy an all expenses paid weekend in the inspiring environment of the AIR Studios, where they will record a track using Focusrite's original Rupert Neve designed recording console modules.


Adding to the prestige of recording at London's Air Studios, the rare and iconic recording console modules are going to be managed by Grammy award-winning producer Guy Massey, who is known for his work with The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, Ed Sheeran.

Aside from capturing and mixing the song to his professional standards, Massey will handle other important aspects of music production. He will be helping the artists craft their song before the recording and mixing even starts, and will provide his professional input every step of the way. After recording and mixing, the finished song will then be sent to one of London's finest Mastering Engineers where the track will be mastered to make it ready for commercial release.

Accompanying the competition, the brand released a documentary video called "The Story of the Focusrite Studio Console", where they tell the stories of the 10 original Focusrite Studio Consoles and the people who have used them. Only 10 of these consoles were ever made and out of there, only 6 remain in operation today.

Check out the Focusrite Studio Consoles documentary video below:

To join the Dream Recording Competition, all you have to do is watch the documentary and fill-up an online form that requires you to answer a simple question about the documentary and provide a link where the judges can listen to your existing musical works. A selection of entries will then be assessed by a panel of judges who will create a shortlist from which a winner will be picked.

Focusrite started receiving contest entries on the 20th of February 2014. The competition will close at 16.00 GMT on 22 May 2014. To join the contest or for more information, head over to Focusrite.

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