Fostex TH-900 Headphone and HP-A8C Headphone Amplifier

Fostex introduces the TH-900 headphone and the HP-A8C headphone amplifier, sold separately but designed to work well as a bundle.

Fostex TH-900 Headphone

These two products are designed to meet the needs of meticulous sound engineers and audiophiles for both studio or professional listening.

Fostex TH-900 Headphone

The new TH-900 headphone comes with upgraded features, including a specially engineered driver unit with a 1.5 tesla magnetic circuit that allows the unit to achieve significantly wider range. It comes with Fostex 50mm biodynamic diaphragm, for improved transparency of sound reproduction.

The headphone housing is crafted using Japanese Cherry Birchm that is rigid and extremely dense. This results in both a durable frame and a robust acoustic performance. Fostex added multiple style embellishments, most notable of which are the housings, finished in a traditional Japanese lacquer in brilliant Bordeaux red by a 100-year-old artisan group. The headphone connects via a 3m cord with a gold plated 6.3mm stereo plug, it is also engineered for maximum durability using 7N grade oxygen free copper (OFC). Rounding off the features of the TH-900 headphone is an elegant headphone stand.

Fostex  HP-A8C Headphone Amplifier

Fostex HP-A8C Headphone Amplifier

The HP-A8C is Fostex' flagship headphone amplifier, featuring a 32-bit Digital Audio Converter that works with its analog and digital circuitry. It is a versatile amp with various inputs including USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical (x2) and analog RCA.

Some of the key features of this professional headphone amplifier include DSD audio playback function and TCXO clock for Asynchronus mode. The amp comes with a high precision electronic volume knob so you can precisely set the listening or monitoring level to your preference. Another nifty feature of the HP-A8C is its built-in SD (SDHC) card drive, allowing for convenient epoch-making DSD file (DSF format) reproduction and firmware updates. Like the TH-900 Headphone, the HP-A8C Headphone Amp comes with added aesthetics including its glass front panel and sleek black side panels. A pure white organic LED display further enhances the amp's appeal.

The TH-900 Headphone and HP-A8C Headphone Amplifier are sold separately but are meant to work great as a bundle. Since these are professional studio grade gear, they are separately priced at $1,999.99 each. Both Fostex products are now available via authorized US Fostex retailers.

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