iRing - Motion Controller

IK Multimedia introduces the iRing, it lets you wirelessly control MIDI parameters via hand gestures.


This MIDI controller will let you control effect parameters and other items in your music apps in a unique manner, allowing for a uniquely expressive method of controlling and making music.

As the name implies, the iRing is a MIDI controller that comes in the form of a wearable ring. It works with a specially designed app called iRing FX/Control, which is required for the controller to work.

The hardware is a straightforward double-sided ring that fits comfortably between your fingers. On one side is an engraved linear pattern of three dots, while the other features a triangular pattern of dots. The iRing control app then uses front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad to track the exact position of these patterns relative to the camera. The physical location reading of the ring is then converted to MIDI control messages that can control MIDI-capable music apps. This technology allows you to change various parameters and settings by moving your hands, without touching your device.

Because of its unique design, the iRing gives you a 3-dimensional grid for controlling parameters - two of which can be controlled by vertical and horizontal movements, while the third one is controlled by moving closer to or farther from the device. Since iRing is sold in pairs of two, you can use one for each hand to control up to six parameters in real time with your hands.

The iRing FX/Control app makes full use of the capability of the controller by providing its own set of effects and allowing for inter-app compatibility. You can choose from a 16 FX types that include standard delay, reverb, wah and even DJ effects like Fuzzy, Crush and Twist. Aside from the control app, IK Multimedia also released iRing Music Maker app, which is similar to GrooveMaker in that it lets you create real-time, non-stop dance grooves.

This motion controller will also work with other popular music apps like SampleTank, AmpliTube and many others. It can also be used for controlling apps outside of music production including games, health & fitness, utilities and more.

The new iRing is now available for preorder with a price tag of €19.99, available in green, white and silver finishes. Visit IK Multimedia for more details.

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