Korg LP-180 Digital Piano

Korg introduces the LP-180 Digital Piano, a compact modern piano that requires less space and doubles as a house decor.

Korg LP-180

According to the brand, this 88-key digital piano "combines the sounds and action from Korg's affordable SP-170 stage piano with the modern aesthetic of Korg's flagship LP-380 lifestyle piano." Utilizing the company's latest digital audio processing technology, the LP-180 creates expressive piano sounds while retaining a space-saving slim-line form factor.

When not in use, the piano's cabinet is designed to easily fit and enhance any living are or commercial space. Korg says, "With a smooth top/keyboard cover, and no exposed hinges, it can easily blend into a room--ideal for apartment dwellers, churches, restaurants, or anyone looking for a space-saving, visually striking digital piano."

Despite its small size, the LP-180 is capable of providing acoustic-like playability, dynamics and expression - thanks to Korg's Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard. Each key is accurately weighted like a traditional piano, the lower notes having heavier feel that lightens as you move up the register. You can choose between three different levels of Key touch control to match your playing style.

Completing its acoustic piano interface is the availability of three concert grand pedals that include damper, soft and sostenuto. Half-pedaling is even supported by the damper and soft pedals for even more control over your playing.

The sounds that this digital piano produces are stereo samples from a concert grand piano, taken at two velocities for improved sensitivity to playing dynamics. Including the acoustic-piano sound, it has a total of ten different sound variations that include electric piano, pipe organ, vibraphone and strings. The unit also comes with a built-in reverb effect for adding reverberation and depth to your sound, while the chorus effect is useful for achieving a spacious feeling sound.

Finally, a robust sound system is integrated into the unit's cabinet. Two large 10-cm speakers are mounted in a bass-reflex chamber and powered by a pair of 11-Watt amplifiers. Korg also implemented dual headphone outputs that will allow the player and another person to share the sound without disturbing others. This can be useful for students and teachers.

The Korg LP-180 Digital Piano is expected to start shipping in May with a tag price of $699. Head over to Korg for further details.

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