IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console App

IK Multimedia introduces the Lurssen Mastering Console app, co-developed by the multi-Grammy winning Lurssen Mastering Studio in Los Angeles.

IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console App

This app is developed to simplify the mastering process, with the end goal of helping musicians of all levels in producing quality recorded material right at their home studios. It is currently available for both Mac and PC users, while iPad users can also take advantage of the app via the iOS version.

Gavin Lurrssen himself had a hand in the development process of the app, along with Reuben Cohen, both of which have received multiple awards for their mastering and production work at the Lurssen Studio. It is meant to approximate Gavin's experience, use of tools, settings and mastering techniques, all within the confines of an easy to use app. Essentially, you are getting Lurssen Mastering's professional help and assistance in app format. According to IK Multimedia, "It faithfully recreates Lurssen's “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” philosophy of mastering. With it, you get a top of the line mastering processor chain that has been created and tweaked by Gavin and his team to reflect the settings they use in the studio while mastering hip-hop, rock, pop and more. With Lurssen Mastering Console, you finally have a way to make professional sounding masters no matter whether you’re in the studio or on the go."

The Lurssen Mastering Console app is an interesting new approach to digital audio mastering where not only mastering equipment are emulated, rather even the skills of mastering engineers are turned into presets that anyone can use to improve and simplify their mastering process. Speaking of equipment, the Lurssen Mastering Console app emulates an entire chain of mastering equipment, which include multiple solid state and tube equalizers, various limiters, de-essers and solid state compressors. And IK Multimedia also carefully recreated the interactions between each gear down to the hookup schematics. Gavin's workflow, signal chain preference, special techniques and technical know-how are also digitized within the app, which means that the emulated gear are chained and setup similar to how Lurrsen Mastering Studio would approach certain styles of music or sound sources. It essentially gives you easy access to 25 years worth of mastering experience and knowledge.

The app comes with 25 unique mastering templates, called “Styles,” that transforms the entire mastering chain to complement various musical styles, from hip-hop to country, to rock and many more. Gavin and his team themselves took the time to setup these templates, setting up everything in detail virtually, so you can simply load a track and apply the appropriate "Style" and get good results.

The app also lets you customize the templates to further meet your needs, with three controls - Input Drive, a Five-band EQ for tone shaping and a special "Push" knob. The Push knob is a special feature that lets you subtly and uniformly nudge the EQs so you can go with the flow of the song to highlight certain parts, without messing up the EQ shape. Other features include two VU meters, a master bypass switch for comparing mastered work versus the original file, and a stereo/mono monitoring switch. The automation feature lets you record the adjustments you make to the two master knobs so you can make tweaks when needed in the future.

The iPad app version is free to download, giving you the choice to select trial period options or to make full use of the app via the in-app purchase. The ability to master via a mobile device is convenient and practical, it can also be used to audition your mastered track on as many speakers and headphones as possible. The Mac and PC version is designed to work both as a standalone software or as plug-ins (AU, VST 2, VST3 and AAX). This means that you can simply load it up on your favorite DAW for quick mastering work.

For more information on the Lurssen Mastering Console app or to download the software, you can head over to IK Multimedia.

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