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Take face-to-face music lessons where there is internet connection with the new web-based tuition platform called Melody College.

Melody College

Instead of settling with streaming or downloadable videos, this online college uses the latest HD web-technology to host multiple real-time teacher and student interaction. Which means that the teachers facilitate their lessons with the students much like in a traditional classroom, face-to-face, albeit behind cameras.

Dennis Wyers, a music teacher with over a decade of experience, founded the Melody College because he saw the lack of online face-to-face teaching programs. Wyerss noticed this gap in the music education market, and wanted to provide students with the benefits of having a real-time teacher without having to leave home.

Wyers explained, "Online video tutorials and DVD lessons have been around for a number of years. At first, these appear attractive because they are low-priced. Some are even free. However, they can't give the personal attention the student needs to improve their playing. It's impossible to replace the value of a live one-on-one music lesson. Is the student holding the instrument correctly? Are they using the right posture? Can they play in time using the correct rhythm? These questions can only be answered in a face-to-face teaching model, where the teacher can see and hear exactly what the student is doing in real-time and offer immediate feedback."

Years back, internet connections were not fast enough to make real-time teaching possible, but this year, technological advances have made this convenient way of learning a reality. To meet the high connection speed requirements of real-time interaction, the college has partnered with a leading web-conferencing provider to create virtual music classrooms. You can access their virtual classroom via your Windows or Mac computers, tablets and smartphones. The system's high-speed communication and ability to optimally connect to the students allow both parties to play music and discuss ideas as if they were physically together in the same room.

Melody College currently offers lessons that focus on popular instruments like the piano, guitar and saxophone. They have courses that suit all playing levels, from beginner to professional, and students can seriously work towards music grades and RGT certificates, or simply just learn for fun. The College is guaranteeing a high level of service, with all teachers being highly qualified.

Tommy Moore, bass-teacher with ten years of teaching experience, concludes, "When I was first approached about becoming an online teacher, I was admittedly skeptical, as I assumed that I would miss that direct connection with the student. But within minutes, I could see that I was truly getting through to a student who was literally thousands of miles away. I was amazed at how quickly she could learn without even having to leave her living room. Melody College is a totally new way of learning music and I'm happy to say that it's the future of teaching."

Online Guitar Lessons from Melody College on Vimeo.

For more information and to check out the courses that they have available, visit Melody College.

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