Melodyne Studio Edition v4

Celemony introduces the fourth iteration of Melodyne, now with improved sound editor that allow for even more freedom to manipulate sound.

Melodyne v4

To maintain their position as one of the fore runners of precision sound editing, the company needs to continue developing ways to improve their already impressive music editing software, Melodyne.

Melodyne impressed the music industry with its innovative ability to freely manipulate sound, and more importantly it does so in a musical and intuitive way. With this software, you can correct out of tune notes, and even change entire chords on the fly - giving you the possibility of not just polishing your tracks - but to actually change them if you so choose.

If that's not enough, volume dynamics is another parameter that can be adjusted, something that usually eats up time during recording. Even the timing of each note is adjustable, giving producers impressive freedom to surgically polish recordings as needed. As a testament to how good it is - Melodyne has received a Technical Grammy Award for its remarkable contributions to the music industry.

Now Celemony is upping the industry standard yet again with the release of fourth version of their award winning software. According to their press release, "This constitutes the most extensive update to the entire product family in the company's history, with the emphasis on Melodyne 4 Studio".

The most notable update to Melodyne is the Polyphonic Spectrum Shaper Sound Editor which allows for even more sound design possibilities. This update brings improved control over chords and multiple notes and ups the quality of the result, from the subtle optimizations and tone enhancements to drastic total manipulation of the sound. You get direct access to the overtones of the audio material, so you can adjust individual harmonics to be louder or quieter, and you can reshape the spectrum with macro parameters and envelopes. The update also allows you to transfer the sound characteristics of one track to another. Because of the new sound morphing possibilities, Melodyne can now be considered as an audio-track-based synthesizer.

DNA or Direct Note Access was also improved, now available on an unlimited number of tracks and with enhanced tempo detection accuracy. This allows for deeper and faster editing of work, and makes the overall production process more efficient. Because of its improved tempo detection, you can now have the click follow the musicians and not the other way around! And you can easily change the tempo of any part of your track to your preference! If that's not enough, you can have the Tempo Editor replicate the tempo of another track and apply it on another, great for infusing groove into sterile tracks.

A full installation of Melodyne 4 Studio is priced at $849, while updating from an older version will cost $149. For more information and other details, visit Celemony.

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