Novation Launch Control XL

Novation unveils the bigger and updated Launchpad Control XL, their latest controller hardware designed for Ableton Live.

Novation Launch Control XL

The company calls this new hardware as "the ultimate controller for Ableton Live", a serious challenge to other controllers in the market. Like the smaller Launch Control hardware, this XL version is designed to complement their Launchpad line of controllers, with focus on knobs and faders.

This bigger version boasts 16 buttons, 24 knobs and 8 faders, allowing for truly tactile and hands-on control over your music production. It carries over the same Ableton Live friendly design as the smaller version, which means that it can quickly and conveniently integrate with Live.

The goal of Novation is reduce the time that you spend looking at your screen and moving your trackpad or mouse. They accomplished this by expanding on the number of hardware controls available. Launch Control XL has 24 knobs that are intuitively arranged in three rows, visually aligning to Ableton Live's mixer. They also feature multi-color LED illumination that makes visual monitoring even more convenient.

Just below the knobs are eight 60mm faders that give you tactile control over your mix. They line up visually with the knobs and the pads at the bottom side. Speaking of pads, the new Launch Control XL has a generous amount of multi-colored pads (16), considering that the main focus is on the knobs and faders.

As expected, the buttons, knobs and faders are customizable. You can personalize each one to control various parameters within Ableton. You can even setup the controller to show your preferred colors, and between various control mappings and Live's built-in functionality.


  • Get immediate hands-on control over Ableton Live
  • Tweak your sound using 24 knobs with multicoloured indicators
  • Enhance your live performance by combining with Launchpad S
  • Get precise control over your levels with eight rugged faders
  • Create your own control layouts by freely assigning any control to any function in Ableton
  • Take it anywhere: it’s tough enough to handle any live situation
  • Plug straight into Mac, PC or iPad and start performing
  • 16 multi-colour buttons for immediate track focus and key mixer controls
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite software and Loopmasters sample collection
  • Control all MIDI-compatible iOS software via Camera Connection Kit

Although the new Launch Control XL is bigger, it is still slim and compact enough to fit inside a backpack for convenient storage and portability. The exterior is just as reliable as the smaller version and is fully USB powered, removing the need for another power supply.

The new Launch Control XL is currently available for preorder for just under $200. Head over to Novation Music for more information.

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