Reason 9 Update

Propellerhead updated their popular music production software Reason to version 9, now with pitch editing and other new feature.

Reason 9 Update

The most notable improvement to Reason 9 is MIDI processing, which allow for interesting features that can help in the songwriting process. There are three new MIDI Player devices that can process MIDI inputs and provide practical musical ideas that can inspire you to create music from scratch or get out of a writing block.

First of the three new MIDI Player devices is called Note Echo, which you can use to create rhythmic pitched MIDI delays. You can apply it to an existing melody line to get inspiration, or you can use it on drum rolls and other instruments to spice up an arrangement. The second player device is called Scales & Chords, this one turns simple melodies into harmonies and chords, quite nifty when song writing. You can basically set the root note/chord, play the melody, and the MIDI processor will provide accompaniment. The third player device is called Dual Arpeggio, which adds arpeggiated notes in a variety of ways, from modern polyphonic and polyrhythmic to old school up-and-down arpeggios. This feature is useful for songwriting and can also be used to conjure arrangement ideas.

Another interesting feature of Reason 9 is the Pitch Edit mode, which is basically Propellerhead's version of auto-tune built-into the DAW software itself. This feature lets you lets you fix out-of-tune notes, and goes beyond by letting you edit the notes as you see fit. From bending the pitch, to transposition and you can even add vibrato like effect to the notes. Pitch Edit also allows for timing changes, dynamics editing and many more. It even lets you convert recorded vocals and other audio inputs into MIDI notes for processing. This means that you can simply hum your bass part, and Reason 9 can then convert the humming into actual bass sounds while retaining the right notes.

As expected, the updated version of Reason comes with even more sounds, the press release mentions up to 1000 new sounds that you can conjure straight out of the soundbank. Other improvements include workflow enhancements for Reason Rack, and the ability to switch to a darker theme to reduce strain on the eyes when working late nights.

Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager Mattias Häggström Gerdt concluded, "Reason 9 is the most exciting version yet, with major new features that are sure to help everyone make more and better music. For Reason 9, we focused on the journey from inspiration to perfection. The new devices and sounds can spark a million new ideas, while the new tools and highly requested features help you polish those ideas to perfection. Reason 9 makes it fun and easy for everyone to capture their inspiration and develop musical ideas."

See the new MIDI Player Devices of Reason 9 in action below:

You update to Reason 9 from previous versions, but you'll have to pay $129 before doing so. Note that those who just purchased Reason 8 starting May 1, 2016 are entitled to get the Reason 9 update for free. The full version of Reason 9 is $449, while the more streamlined and affordable version called Reason Essentials 9 is expected to retail for $129.

For more information on Reason 9, you can head over to Propellerhead.

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