Studiologic Numa Organ 2

Studiologic introduces the second iteration of the Numa Organ, with more vintage organ models, more effects and improved patch editor.

Studiologic Numa Organ 2

Numa Organ 2 offers 7 different organ models, three of which are A/B/C organ models, three models are based on vintage analog organs and the last one has a unique classical diapason sound.

This synthesizer keyboard utilizes "Physical Modeling" synthesis that is said to closely emulate the electromechanical tone wheel organ, and can go beyond traditional sounds, as expected from modern audio modeling equipped gear.

This new version's organ sounds are also enhanced as a result of careful analysis of the main characters of some of the most popular organ sounds. Numa Organ2 will let you build a wide array of sounds via the drawbars and all the available post processing effects.

Speaking of effects, this electronic organ sports a new chorus/vibrato scanner, rotary post processor with various setups, new spring reverb post-processor, new drive (tube distortion) and new 'click and leakage' modeling. According to the press release, all of the effects are programmable into presets, this will allow for a even more sounds that go beyond the sounds expected from an organ.

Studiologic Numa Organ 2

Complimenting the Numa Organ 2's enhanced sounds is its extended control panel. There are 30 physical controls on the unit that give you control over the sound and performance, allowing for real-time manipulation and tweaking. You can then store the sounds and settings that you have setup via the 12 memory locations that are available.

Connectivity is also improved for version 2, showcasing a mixture of old and new ports for wider compatibility. You can hook it up directly to your computer via the built-in USB port and you can control a real Leslie speaker via the keyboard's 11-pin port.

Studiologic Numa Organ v2.0 Features:
  • Newly designed exterior for easy and reliable handling.
  • Seven new different Organ Models:
  • Three tone wheel A/B/C.
  • Two vintage analog
  • One classical
  • New rotary effect with double stereo post processing (L/R drum + L/R horn)
  • New vibrato & chorus effects with different settings for each organ model
  • New spring reverb post processing with controlled diffusion.
  • New drive & tube post processing (from zero distortion to full valve saturation)
  • New leakage algorithm for vintage organ models.
  • New click modeling + separate percussion.
  • Rev/Drive/Click/Leakage settings programmable for each preset.
  • New organ editor, with full instrument upgrade and presets upload/download functions; connector for external Rotary speaker (11 pins).

The press release concludes by saying, "The Numa Organ 2 performs as a clone of some tone wheel organs, and captures some features of old acoustic and electronic organs while remaining flexible and allowing for customized mixing, editing functions and control.

Numa Organ 2 is currently available, with a US tag price of just under $1,300. For more information and other details, head over to Studio Logic.

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