Orion v8.5 announced by Synapse

Orion v8.5 announced by Synapse

Synapse has updated their DAW Orion v8.5, adding new effects, features, workflow improvements and skin customization.

This new update for Orion is free for all registered Orion 8 users, this will not only add more features but will also be fixing most of the bugs of the previous versions.


The new Orion v8.5 now includes new effects. First in line is the RNA-160 compressor/limiter, which is based on a popular compressor / limiter outboard. It is seconded by the new Analog Phaser, which is modeled after an analoog six-stage phaser.

A new high quality reverb called Concert Hall is also availabel. You can also get the tonne stack properties of legendary '59 Bassman Amps with the new Vintage EQ effect. Last but not the least, Orion 8.5 improved the Compressor 8 into the Compressor CV-82.

New in Orion v8.5:

  • Support Sidechaining for VST effects
  • Pro-9 improved now with Noise Spread knob, it controls the spaciousness of clap and snare sounds
  • Freely assigned ASIO Outputs to preferred subgroups in the Master section
  • Toxic 2 synthesizer engine reworked from scratch, with 50% improved performance.
  • Pan Spread knob for controlling the spread of Unison voices in the stereo field.
  • Optional Helpful Hints for the generator knobs
  • Easily see the current parameter value
  • You can now "Clone" an instrument including its complete mixer strips and arrangement
  • Full Screen Mode supported via F11 key
  • Nick Moritz designed default skin
  • Skin customization system was revamped, easier to develop and maintain skins, and knobs now support alpha-blending and an arbitrary number of frames.

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