Ueberschall Acoustic Guitar Library

Ueberschall introduces Acoustic Guitar, their latest instrument series collection featuring 464 acoustic guitar loops.

Ueberschall Acoustic Guitar Library

This Elastik sound bank houses a collection of guitar samples designed for songwriters and music producers.


This acoustic guitar library is meant to cover all the essential phrases for acoustic guitar driven music. It was produced by capturing instruments made by C.F. Martin & Co., Yamaha and Ibanez. To give you an idea of the quality of the library, each phrase was captured three times using different acoustic guitars from the said manufacturers.

The 464 loops were carefully recorded using Ueberschall's equipment, and it utilizes 1.4 GB of space. Each loop are available both in mastered, and unaltered versions (no equalization and compression). This will give you more control over how the guitar samples will sit in your production.

In the mixdown, guitar 1 is panned left, guitar 2 fully to the right and guitar 3 sits in the middle. Since the individual loops were not repeated identically, they can be used to complement each other rhythmically and dynamically, this will let you produce a wide sound that is still mono-compatible.

The loops are produced for quick integration into different song structures. This means that the loops are mainly useful for accompaniment instead of solo licks. Using Elastik Player, you can easily match each phrase to a myriad of music productions including web applications, video- or game sound.

The Elastik Player is Ueberschall's tool for integrating samples into your music production. It has an intuitive browser that manages your libraries for immediate access. Each loop come in four or eight bars and can be freely combined in tempo and key. It will also let you adapt the acoustic guitar samples to your project's speed and pitch.

The Ueberschall Acoustic Guitar Library is sold online for €49.00. For more information, you can visit Ueberschall.

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