Waldorf Streichfett Hardware Synthesizer

Waldorf introduces the Streichfett Synthesizer, based on a combination of string synthesizers from the '70s and early '80s.

Waldorf Streichfett

This new synth features a dual sound engine with a fully polyphonic strings section and a monophonic solo section. Interestingly, Waldorf mentions that these features are "essential for recreating how adult movies sounded thirty years ago".


This synthesizer hardware is divided into four sections, the Strings, Solo, Effect and Memory. The most prominent of which is the Strings section that provide fully polyphonic string sounds with Violin, Cello, Brass, Organ and Choir presets. A second layer is also available with violin/viola voicing via the Ensemble Effect button. It comes with the typical string envelope generator that comes with Crescendo and Release parameters.

The Effects section lets you add adjustable Phaser or Reverb to your synth sound. You can also set the Effect section to "Animate" the strings registration, allowing for a variety of sound morphs.

The Solo section lets you pick from a list of presets named Bass, E-Piano or Clavi, Synth and Pluto sounds. According to Waldorf, the presets have sounds that have little to do with their names, rather they produce shimmering and slightly percussive sounds that blend well with the string section. A dedicated tremolo knob for the solo section is also provided. Finally you can either split or layer the solo section as you prefer.

Completing the unit's intuitive interface is the Memory section, where you can store and recall your settings with space for up to twelve patches. Connectivity options include stereo audio output, headphone out and USB MIDI.

The Waldorf Streichfett is expected to ship later this spring, with a list price of around $326. Head over to Waldorf Music for more information.

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