Drumagog 5.0.2
by WaveMachine Labs
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Price: USD 149
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14 Day Trial. Registration: Basic US$149 or Pro US$$289.00 or Platinum $379.00

System Requirements:

AU/VST/RTAS host application Drumagog will not work with Pro Tools running on OS9 - OSX is the minimum Drumagog requirement for Pro Tools.

Last Updated: 2010-11-19
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Software Description

Drumagog is a plug-in that automatically replaces drum tracks with a vast array of other samples. Engineers and producers worldwide use Drumagog to fix and enhance existing drum tracks. Drumagog is extremely easy to use. Just insert it onto a drum track and select your favorite sample. Drumagog does the rest. For advanced drum replacing, Drumagog is packed with powerful features for the ultimate in control.


  • Automatically replaces drum tracks with a variety of samples
  • Compatible with WAV, AIF, SDII, and GIG samples and libraries
  • MIDI Input and Output Capability
  • Advanced Visual Triggering feature
  • Sophisticated sample management
  • Auto sample-rate conversion
  • Works with any VST/RTAS compatible application.
  • Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic and Digital Performer
  • Comes with a complete drum sample collection

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New in v5.0.2

  • Fixed issue with pitch control on stereo samples.
  • Plugin scanning issue fixed.
  • Fixed delay when switching IR Reverb and Morphs.
  • IR Reverb and Morph Engine input is now post blend control, which allows you to apply IR and morph effects to the original track, as well as the replaced audio.

New in v5.0.1

  • Improved CPU usage. This should eliminate the need for higher buffer sizes in your audio card.
  • Fixed issue with clicks and pops due to higher CPU usage.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Fixed issues with Auto Align 2.0 which could cause mis-alignment of samples in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue that caused crash when switching between samples rapidly.
  • Fixed problem opening Drumagog on Power PC systems.
  • Fixed issue with re-loading of gog files.
  • Fixed intermittent issue with crashing when switching triggering modes.
  • Improved gog file loading time.

New in v5

  • New triggering engine.
  • Auto-align 2.0.
  • Support for multiple room samples.
  • Auto Hi-hat tracking.
  • Improved sample management.
  • Direct Plug-in hosting (Platinum version).
  • Morph|Engine (Platinum version).
  • Built-in Convolution Reverb (Platinum version).
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