Livid Union v2.5.7
by Livid Instruments
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Random watermark inserted over the output, and fullscreen is limited to five minutes. The full version comes with 36 sample clips, while the demo only comes with six for the sake of bandwidth conservation. Registration: US$299.00

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Last Updated: 2010-01-07
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Software Description

Union transforms your computer into an all-in-one live VJ software mixing studio with hundreds of effects, live video inputs, audio aware effects, and complete MIDI integration just to name a few features. Union give you the tools you need to create, mix, control, perform, and record cutting edge visuals in real-time. Forget about expensive hardware rigs and confusing equipment - let Union expand the possibilities of your creativity.


  • Audio aware effects
  • FreeFrame Support
  • Multiple Cue Points
  • Advanced Sound Trigger with Filters
  • Waveform Display
  • BPM Synch with Rate Adjustment
  • Caption Module
  • 4 Additional Video Layers

Live Performance
Union is built around the idea that video creation should be spontaneous and easily created in real-time. Livid's video engine allows for instant manipulation and control of multimedia content. Utilizing hundreds of built in effects and support for FreeFrame effects, movie triggering, live feed manipulation, advanced modules, MIDI learn and countless other performance enhancing tools, Union turns your computer into a complete VJ mixing studio.

Video Production
Union reshapes the process of creating video content and saves you valuable time by allowing all effects processing and content placement to be done on the fly. Replacing the traditional time-consuming timeline and keyframe approach, which can take hours (if not days) to render, Union's effects and clip placement can be done in real-time and saved to disk. This approach opens the process of video production to a whole new world of experimentation and creativity. The intuitive and flexible interface provides a platform for ideas to come to life.

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The most bug infested program!

This is the most bug infested program I have ever used, right out of the box. The help forum is useless. Rather than beta testing it, I believe this company prefers to sell it first, fix it later.

Do not recommend this product at all.

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