Livid Alias 8 Controller

Alias 8 is a new compact DAW control surface from Livid Instruments, featuring mixer controls that are stripped down to essentials.


While other manufacturers are busy packing feature upon feature on their products, Livid decided to take the straight forward approach with basic control features.

Livid Alias 8 is designed to provide you with a quick and efficient mixer in a durable and compact package. It is meant to be a portable mixer control with eight channel strips that have independent knobs, buttons and faders. A full size master fader is also available to mimic traditional mixer setups.

Livid Alias 8

Alias 8 features a dual-function encoder that makes it easy to change the MIDI channel (up to 15 channels). This extends the controller's reach to control more of your software, while still displaying the LED feedback on the other channels. The encoder can also be used as a MIDI control for flipping through tracks or adjusting your cue volume - just push the encoder down to change its function.

If you require more knobs, faders and buttons, Alias 8 can serve as a base for expanding your control with its two expansion jacks. It can let you add up to 16 more analog controls to create your ultimate music production rig.

The controls are made to feel great and yet be rigid and all its features are safely packed inside an all-new extruded aluminum case. Finally, the body of Alias 8 is very slim, measured at 1" tall, which fits nicely in your laptop bag.

Alias 8 is currently listed with a price of $299, you can find out more about this DAW controller by visiting Livid Instruments.

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