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With the free version, you can create an unlimited number of MIDI tracks, and two one-minute audio tracks. With the $19 optional Multi-Audio accessory, you can record and real-time mix up to 8 sixty-minute audio tracks.

System Requirements:

Requires 1 GB RAM.

Last Updated: 2014-05-30
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Software Description

Anvil Studio is a multi-track program for recording, composing, editing, and mixing of music using MIDI, digital audio, and sampled percussions.

The free version now hosts VST-Instruments.

The free version lets you record an unlimited number of MIDI tracks and one Audio track. With the Multi-Track accessory ($19), you can record multiple Audio tracks. Audio effects include delay, pitch change, volume change, filtering, and reverse.

Designed to work with optional accessories such as sheet music printing, piano exercises, ear training exercises, and voice-pitch analysis.

For a full list of changes in this most recent edition see

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New in v2013.09.01

  • Free version now supports ASIO
  • Bugfix for problems with the display of enharmonic notes.
  • Added File / Print Preview with a keyboard shortcut when the Print-Sheet accessory is installed.
  • Improved VST compatibility, including Antares Audio Technologies.

New in v2013.08.01

  • Free version supports a single VST-Effect or VST-Instrument.
  • Pro-Mix accessory supports an unlimited number.
  • Improved support for 3rd party VSTs, including ones from Antares Audio Technologies
  • Enhanced Piano Roll and add Sounds button
  • Edit a single note in staff editor
  • Change the properties of a chord in the Properties window

New in v2013.07.01

  • New Chord Finder.
  • Fix for problem where if VU was pressed before recording of an audio track started, it would not capture the start of recording.
  • Fix for other minor problems.

New in v2013.05.06

  • Now based on .Net 4.0
  • Better File / Export Mixed Audio.
  • Fix for problem when recording 2 audio tracks simultaneously
  • Fix for misprint of tempo/time signature
  • Added menu Track / Repair
  • File / Repair Song and Track / Repair can be interrupted by pressing the ESC key.
  • Start menu item is now "Anvil Studio" instead of "Anvil Studio 2012".

New in v2013.05.02

  • Supports importing and exporting .ogg audio files as well as any audio file format that you have a DirectShow or ACM Codec installed.
  • Fixed issue where the Rewind button sometimes caused extra spaces to be drawn on the staff.

New in v2013.03.01

  • Improved Print-Sheet accessory
  • Show track names above the staff
  • Improved Multi-View and Copy-me accessories
  • Option to use full screen
  • You can now trigger a MIDI event that advances to the nexxt song in the playlist
  • Various bugfixes

New in v2013.02.04

  • Bugfix for Edit / Paste Special problem where it was sometimes pasting lyrics for one note beyond the last note in the clipboard.
  • Bugfix for problem where View / Lyrics with no notes
  • Bugfix for problem where View / Upgrade was saying version3.htm was in use by another process.
  • On Windows XP when Multi-View was active, moving the mouse around, note properties pop-ups sometimes left blank spots on the display.
  • Print Sheet Accessory: Added Show track names above staff checkbox to File / Print / Conductor's Score Options.
  • Can now print custom fonts, e.g. 13/16, with the correct font.
  • Performance Tool Pack Accessory: Controller tool could report division by zero error when very unusual MIDI file was currently loaded.

New in v2012.12.05

  • Improved SATB tracks support (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/BasS)
  • Now works well with audio drivers that are configured for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound
  • The free version now supports audio with up to 192000 samples per second
  • Now works well with files that have non-ANSI characters
  • Bugfix for a memory reference error

New in v2012.11.04

  • BugFix for Export Mixed Audio issue
  • Improved the way notes are displayed on the staff, ensuring notes line up properly
  • Various other minor bugfixes

New in v2012.11.01

  • Improved DirectX mode when VST-Instruments are loaded.
  • Enhanced the EQ effect
  • Bugfix for a problem that prevented selecting both clefs when lyrics were hidden.

New in v2012.10.06

  • Added Fretboard support, TAB editor and Percussion editor now works properly when the Copy Me accessory is active
  • Dragging notes from the palette to the staff now works properly when the Triplet, Quintuplet, or Septuplet checkbox is set.
  • Enhanced beam lines.
  • Various other bugfixes
  • Other minor improvements.

New in v2012.09.02

  • Enhanced the Staff editor's Chord Builder tool.
  • More header lines for the Print-Sheet accessory
  • Bugfix for minor issues

New in v2012.08.06

  • Better VSTi compatibility including Garritan Aria Player
  • Bugfix for File / Repair Song deletes redundant, unnecessary events.
  • Bugfix for File / Save deletes all EndOfTracks except the last one.

New in v2012.08.01

  • Staff editor now has Chord builder tool
  • Insert tempo changes at the current song position by clicking the Tempo icon at the top of the screen.
  • Several minor improvements to the staff editor.
  • Bugfix for File / Export Mixed Audio sometimes generated distortion when set to ASIO mode.

New in v2012.07.01

  • Added checkbox to Key Signature and Custom Time Signature dialogs to allow changes to apply to all tracks.
  • Enhanced Track/Merge menu - it includes an option to merge all enabled tracks, and supports filtering out short notes.
  • Added a Zoom control to the TAB viewer.
  • Bugfix for View / Lyrics menu would sometimes not cause lyrics to be visible.
  • More VST-Instruments are now supported, including the Korg M1 Le.
  • Works well with more VST-Instrument Editors.
  • Other minor problems fixed.

New in v2012.05.10

  • VST-Instruments supported
  • Drag audio samples to the Staff
  • Piano Roll Editor now has splitter bars and scroll bars.
  • Edit MIDI effects parameters
  • Better native Equalizer effect
  • Support VSTi automation of effect parameters with PRo-Mix
  • Improved error messaging
  • VST Instruments that do not respond to MIDI events alter the tracks Audio volume
  • Various bug fixes

New in v2012.04.04

  • Staff editor now has Chord Builder .
  • Click Tempo Icon to insert tempo changes at the current song position

New in v2012.04.01

  • VST instrument bugfix
  • Other minor bugfixes
  • Better EQ effect

New in v2012.03.01

  • Bugfix for Playlist files
  • Bugfix for audio samples that were not working
  • Bugfix for VSTi echo issues
  • Updated list of supported VSTi's
  • Added Duplets and Septuplets to the staff editor.

New in v2012.01.01

  • The free version now hosts VST-Instruments, allowing limitless sounds. You no longer need to rely on the high-latency, Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer.

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Yes you can play midi and

Yes you can play midi and record midi at the same time

record and play

Thanks, do I need somthing extra and where can I find an instruction how to do that?

rercord and play

I hav found the way! So easy!!Thanks, have fun

It's not really free

Latest version only allows one track less than a minute to be created. Anything else costs an upgrade. Freeware. Bah..

I hate the latest version.

I hated the later version. That's why I have the older one.


So what if it isn't freeware? Anvil Studio doesn't even work correctly!


So what if it isn't freeware? Anvil Studio doesn't even work correctly!


Oops, I posted the comment twice.

MIDI Playback

I am a total "newbie" and need some information. I have an Alesis DG8 Digital Grand Piano and it has MIDI; in/out/thru connections on the back. I want to be able to download classical music MIDI files to my PC and play them thru the piano; which is also capable of simulating other musical instruments.

Do I need a sequencer to do this? What else do I need besides the obvious interconnecting cables?

Thank you in advance;


I think this...

You might need a midi sequencer for your midi, and possibly a midi editor. But whatever you do, don't download Anvil Studio!

Using Anvil to record MDR files from Yamaha Electone!

Can I use Anvil to record my MIDI performances instead of using the built in MDR?

I have a MIDI-USB converter that I can use. Also, will Anvil record SYSEX messages from the Electone?

Making a recording then burning it on CD!

I want to know with this Anvil Studio, if you can mix your instruments and voice to make a music recording & then be able to burn it onto a CD?

After you have the MIDI and

After you have the MIDI and Audio tracks the way you want them, select the menu File / Export Mixed Audio to convert them into a single .WAV file. Then use or Windows Media Player to burn the .WAV file to an Audio CD or to convert the .WAV file to .MP3 or other formats.

VST and VSTi Plugins!

What are the best VST and VSTi plugins to use with Anvil Studio ?

Re: VST and VSTi Plugins!

It all really depends on what your trying to achieve!

Record on 2 voice tracks the same time

How can I get Anvil to record 2 tracks simultaneously?
I have a TASCAM external preamp (sound card) with a couple channels. I want to plug a microphone to one input. I want to plug an external cd with backing music or the Sound Output from another laptop into the other input. Then I want to hit record and for the software to record both audio tracks at the same time. In other words I do not want to record the tracks separately but the same time as the backing music is playing and I am singing into the mic for the whole thing to get recorder automatically on separate tracks.

Can this be done? Do I have to buy the $19 accessory?

Many thanks



yea you need to buy

Recording 2 voices at the

Recording 2 voices at the same time in a single stereo audio track requires the the optional $19 Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory.

Anvil Studio?

Anvil Studio - is this really a free program?
And, is it Vista compatible. I see Windows 2000 and XP but no Vista.

I think so.

Anvil Studio has never really asked me for money. Other programs did. And some of them weren't as good.

Anvil Studio

I run Anvil Studio with no problems on my vista machine

Re: Anvil Studio?

Yes Anvil Studio is available for free and is now compatible with Windows Vista

Thank you.

Thank you.

Anvil Studio

Help please? How do I delete measures to shorten a song? I can't find this at all! Thank you for your help. Sean.

Try positioning the cursor,

Try positioning the cursor, and then select the menu File / Truncate


hello my name is larry i am trying to buy a print-sheet for anvil studio 2007 .12.02 but lets face it, I'm not gonna send any money before i get a CD or DVD to download there's no way i could ever get my money back if it goes missing or the CD wont download once i receive the CD i will definitely send you a money order for the software the order form quotes $29.00 this is my first time i am buying from the net please reply thankyou

When we email you a setup

When we email you a setup program, you can burn it to a CD or save it the same way you back your computer up to any media.
If you ever lose the setup program, you can redownload it from our website. If you forget the key, we will email it to you again.
Tom - Willow Software - developer of Anvil Studio

Time Lag In Sequencer

When I try to record additional MIDI tracks while listening to ones already recorded, I end up with a slight delay between the old and new ones. I'm running XP at 2.53 Ghz with 256 Mb of RAM.
Any ideas are appreciated - thanks.


Device Latency

This is due to what is called "Device Latency". Some Audio and MIDI devices take up to 0.3 seconds from the time you ask them to play a note, and when the note finally can be heard on the speakers. The MIDI "device" Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer, standard on many systems, is a prime example. Anvil Studio can adjust for this by selecting View / Latency / Analyze / Start. It automatically figures each device's latency, and then adjusts for them during recording and playback so that all tracks can remain in sync. You can get lower latency with a soundcard that has a hardware MIDI synth (e.g. soundcards that support SoundFonts), or by using a VST-Instrument that supports soundfonts. These typically have lower latency than Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer.
Tom - Willow Software - producer of Anvil Studio

You need a minimum of 1 gig

You need a minimum of 1 gig or Ram basically ever since windows ME... to run anything...other than just windows alone.


I need to your help because it says that I need midictl.ocx and I don't know to find it please I think is a great program but if I don't have this I cannot lunch it

This file is no longer

This file is no longer needed in the 2011 version. Please download and run
Tom - Willow Software

Saving Problems

I've downloaded Anvil Studios (I have Windows XP), but everytime I go to save a piece of music I've created, I get an error message, and the whole thing closes on me. Am I missing something I should download so I may save the work I make?

We've never heard of a

We've never heard of a problem like this. Whenever any error occurs in Anvil Studio, please start Anvil Studio while pressing the Shift key. Then, cause the error to occur. Then quit Anvil Studio and email us the diagnostic file AnvilStudioLog.txt from your desktop.
Tom - Willow Software - developer of Anvil Studio

Re: I need VB5CHAT2.OCX

: : Can someone please help me find this file i really need it.

Well u can get in thru that from the this people have really good stuf in to offer, except mr. gates dont pile u up for each and every .dll's i guess.

mohit malhan
IEEE Student Branch Chairman
Gujarat Section (India)

Midi cutter

I want to cut a long midi file into shorter one. What can I do?

Position the cursor and

Position the cursor and select File / Truncate.
You can also use menus Edit / Delete Selection from All Tracks, Edit / Copy Selection from All Tracks, etc.

Cutting MIDI or Audio files

The easiest way is to position the cursor and select the menu File / Truncate / From start to current position OR from current position to end.

Re: Midi cutter

: I want to cut a long midi file into shorter one. What can I do?

Re: Midi cutter

: I want to cut a long midi file into shorter one. What can I do?

Re: Midi cutter

: I want to cut a long midi file into shorter one. What can I do?

Position the cursor where you want, and then select Truncate from the File menu.

Re: Midi cutter

: : I want to cut a long midi file into shorter one. What can I do?

: Position the cursor where you want, and then select Truncate from the File menu.

which software do i can use? from where i can get that and is that free?

Re: Midi cutter

: : : I want to cut a long midi file into shorter one. What can I do?

: : Position the cursor where you want, and then select Truncate from the File menu.

: which software do i can use? from where i can get that and is that free?


i was just wondering i am new at tring to learn how to play my guitar, will this help me to learn it better and if so how do i find how to download it? All the help would be apprieciated. thanks

Re: Wondering

Select Composer from the View menu, and right-click the piano keyboard. Press the Guitar tab, and note entry can be by pressing frets on the guitar rather than notes on the piano.


Basically, i just wanna know if theres a way to make my midis mp3 or something like that so i can burn them onto music CD's




I have been using Anvil for years too. I have the same problem, until just a few days ago, I found out the freeware which lets you directly record your music with this software called Record-Anything. Just go to and check it out. Download and trial period free, but then you have to pay something over 20 or so to keep it for good. I am still on the trial period. Good luck and let me know how gthings worked out.



: Basically, i just wanna know if theres a way to make my midis mp3 or something like that so i can burn them onto music CD's


This requires the US$19 optional Multi-Audio accessory. With it installed, you select Export Mixed Audio from the File menu to mix the entire song (including MIDI tracks) to a .WAV file. Then, use the CD-burning software of your choice (e.g. Roxio) to copy the .WAV file to an audio track on your audio CD.

i want guidence

when i play digital music in multi tracks on my pc then why hang and stop the tracks.

Re: i want guidence

: when i play digital music in multi tracks on my pc then why hang and stop the tracks.

This should never happen. It may help to make sure your soundcard's device driver is up to date. We can track the problem if you do the following:
Start Anvil Studio while holding the Shift key.
Do whatever is necessary to cause the error.
Email us the file AnvilStudioLog.txt from your My Documents folder.
After we examine it, we'll get back to you with a solution.

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