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The Cool Edit Studio-a-go-go! Multi-track recording tips

Want to start recording music, but don't know where to start? This three-part guide will have you making music in no time.

MP3 your music - a primer on what to do and how to do it

By David Miles Huber This is a really useful place to start with MP3s or even refreshing a few old memories. Many thanks to Dave for this great piece.

We explain what an equalizer is

To equalize is to obtain a desired overall frequency response through the use of a graphic equalizer.

Writing drum 'n bass in FruityLoops: an introduction

Sourced from SpinWarp Advertisement: googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1336546362850-2'); FruityLoops users should check this out!

Convert Real Audio to MP3 using Streambox Ripper

A frequently asked question answered. We'll quickly take you through the process.

MP3 to WAV - here's how!

MP3 conversion can be easily achieved!

FruityLoops 101 - a tutorial for beginners

Fruity Loops is an amazing program. I have never been a fan of Trackers (maybe I am just a little anti-DOS environment) which has always left me feeling like I was missing out on something.

Convert a WAV to MP3 by using Cool Edit 2000

Never made an MP3 file from a WAV file before? It's easy and we'll show you how.

Flange, reverb, compression, limiting and companding explained

Courtesy of David Fiedler When first getting into music, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the terms that get used. You might go to your local music store and get asked how much reverb you like when you play.

MP3 explained: a beginner's guide

MP3 has changed the way people listen to music on the Internet. It wasn't so long ago that the average pop song converted into a Wav file took hours to download on a 28.8Kbs modem connection and ate up around 50 megabytes of disc space. With the same song converted into an MP3 file, download time gets reduced dramatically to around one-tenth the original size while sounding just as good as before.

What's the difference between Wave, MIDI, MOD and MP3?

By Kees van der Velden For sound you need an instrument and a 'musician' (in the broadest sense of these words). If you like to hear a piano sound, you need to have a piano and someone playing it. If you love the sound of breaking glass, the neighbours window will do fine as an instrument and their son, throwing a baseball very wide, could be the great musician to satisfy you.

A quick primer on converting WAV to MIDI and vice versa

Please note that this is an old article. For a list of WAV to MIDI converters that often do the job, please check out our new WAV-MIDI page.

MP3 Tutorial: Changing MP3 to WAV

One common issue facing people when they discover the MP3 format is how to convert the MP3 format into WAV format.